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Tom PittsTom Pitts
News Editor,
Tom is Zavvi’s news editor and keeps an eye on the day’s gaming and movie news, having joined in January 2014. He enjoys Brooklyn Lager, double pepperoni pizza, and spending all of his money on Hearthstone and Steelbooks.
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John Bio ImageJohn Newton
Feature Writer,
John writes Zavvi’s features, as well as liking basset hounds and driving around the country solving mysteries. He likes to think he has a good sense of humour, but at least he has all his own teeth!


Enrique About Me Pic

Enrique Cebrian
Enrique is Zavvi’s latest addition. He started with a Game Gear and ended up writing reviews and playing ‘Plants vs Zombies’ on his phone. Three things he loves: Dr Pepper, Xbox 360 and Monster Munch.
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meTom Hodgson
Film Columnist, 
Tom is Zavvi’s Film Columnist and will delve deep into cinematography and narrative, in the hope of finding something useful to say about it. He also enjoys European beer, travel and his newly-adopted cactus plant.
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