One Year On: Horizon Zero Dawn Surpasses 7.6 Million Sales

After one year since it's release, we take a look at Horizon Zero Dawn and it's monumental success since it's release.

2018-02-28 13:56:31By Roddy


The Good, the Bad and The Ugly: InGen’s Dinosaur Top 5

The world of Jurassic Park is known for some formidable Dinos! We round up our top 5 of the meanest, nastiest Jurassic Park dinosaurs the franchise has shown us so far.

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5 Reasons To Be Excited About Marvel's Black Panther

Check out our top 5 reasons to be excited about the latest Marvel cinematic release, Black Panther!

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Kendrick Lamar to Produce Black Panther Soundtrack

In line with the upcoming Marvel Studios release, American rapper and songwriter Kendrick Lamar will be producing the Black Panther soundtrack.

2018-02-02 13:40:10By Roddy


Zavvi Collector’s Coins: Coin Collecting 101

Are you a budding numismatist? We unpack the world of coin collecting and why your collectible coins could be worth saving!

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The Worlds of Guillermo Del Toro

You might know Guillermo Del Toro as the director of the two Hellboy movies, but in reality, there's much more to this filmmaker than you expect!

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5 Ways to prepare for The Last Jedi

Are you ready to watch The Last Jedi? Get ready with our complete survival guide right here!

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5 Reasons Why Pacific Rim: Uprising Will be the Greatest Movie Ever

Pacific Rim 2 is coming, and we're incredibly excited by the prospect of robots punching monsters coming back to our screens. Check out all the reasons why at the jump.

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Top 5 Movies that Christopher Nolan Definitely (Didn't) Direct

Christopher Nolan has a huge library of films, so to celebrate the release of Dunkirk, here are some that he definitely didn't direct.

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5 Movies You Must See Before You Grow Up

Wondering what to watch next? Check out our top picks for the top movies you must see before you grow up!

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