Christmas Present Ideas and Inspiration

The website is a big and wonderful place, packed with tens of thousands of different products. We know that you’re a busy lot and that sometimes you haven’t got time to trawl around our or any other website when you’re looking for Christmas present ideas and inspiration, so let us do the job for you.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

DVDs: Blockbusters, Boxsets and Family Favourites

1. Friends 15th Anniversary Boxset.

All the old favourites plus hours of extras & unseen footage.

2. Transformers.

This years smash hit blockbuster, action packed from start to end.

3. Monsters vs Aliens.

Laugh out loud family fun from the Dreamworks studio.

4. Family Guy.

Season 8: Madcap adventures, rude, silliness, slapstick – classic animation full of extras.

5. Harry Potter.

The Half Blood Prince ramps up the tension, a must buy for the kids.

DVDs: Stand up Comedy DVDs

michael mcintyre

1. Michael McIntyre.

He’s been all over the TV this year, his live show sees him at his funniest.

2. Rhod Gilbert.

The breakout comedy star of 2009, 2 hours of laid back fun.

3. Eddie Izzard.

After a break due to Hollywood hob nobbing Eddies back on form.

4. Brendon Burns.

A Perrier award winner. Offensive, intelligent and riveting.

5. Ed Byrne.

A cracking set about being ‘nearly famous’ from the ever charming Irish comic.

DVDs: Staff picks 2009


1. True Blood.

It’s the year of the Vampire and this raunchy series is the latest hit.

2. District 9.

An under the radar Sci Fi hit dealing with xenophobia and segregation. Stunning.

3. Let the Right One in.

Twilight captured the headlines, this captured the Vampire aficionados interest.

4. Oz series 1 – 6.

A great price for this grittiest of DVD boxsets. There’s no Prison Break here!

5. In the Loop.

Biting satire, chosen mainly for having the best swearing in any film. Ever.

Games: This years must own Games titles


1. Assasins Creed 2.

The follow up to the fastest selling video game ever, possibly even better!

2. Pro Evo Soccer 2010.

Improved visuals and animation. Even has zonal marking – don’t do it, it doesn’t work!

3. Football Manager.

Manage your favourite football club, warning weeks may pass without leaving your seat.

4. Championship Manager 2010.

See Football Manager! Compulsive and addictive with improved game play.

5. Forza Motorsport 3.

The definitive motor sports game, 400 cars. They go fast.

6. Call of Duty 2 (Modern Warfare).

Perhaps the greatest first person multi shoot game yet?

7. Grand Theft Auto IV.

You know the score, funny dialogue, sexy characters. And lots of innocent bystanders!

8. Tekken 6.

Amazing HD graphics means stunning visuals for this famous fighting game.

9. Professor Layton and Pandoras Box.

More riveting brain teasers and puzzles to complete in the latest in this classic NDS series.

10. Street Fighter IV.

A brilliant new addition to the franchise, amazing graphics and characterisation.


Dizzee Rascal

1. Dizzee Rascal – Tongue n Cheek

The star of the Festival circuit, Mobo award winner fulfils potential.

2. The Temper Trap – Conditions

Sweet disposition is the stand out track,  they’re the next big thing!

3. The Beatles – Stereo Box Set

Everyone needs a Beatles collection, this is the ultimate.

4. Michael Jackson – This is It

A fitting collection to commemorate a true legend.

5. Pixie Lott – Turn it Up

Poppy, light and a great listen if you want to bop around the house.

6. Kings of Leon – Only by the Night

Your sex is on fire. Now ruined by Michael McIntyre!

7. Florence and the Machine – Lungs

Perhaps the classiest CD of the year. Ethereal vocals and great tunes.

8. Muse – The Resistance

Stadium rock for the indie rock generation.  Cracking new album.

9. Now 74

Missed the whole year, want to catch up on the best bits? This is for you.

10. Lady Gaga – The Fame

The biggest act of the year. The new superstar Diva, move over Mariah.

Gaming Consoles – Black is this seasons colour


1. The Sony PS3.

(read more on why you need the Sony PS3 here).

2. Wii Black Console.

Everyone’s favourite console just got black and moody.

3. Sony PSP Go.

A real upgrade on the PSP, a flip down control panel makes this uber-cool.

4. Nintendo DS.

Perfect if you’re on the go with a massive back catalogue for all ages.

5. Zone 40 Console.

A cheap wireless alternative with 40 free games at a low price. Stocking filler.

Books: Something for everyone


1. The Twilight Journals – Stephanie Meyer

What do you mean you don’t own these books? Now’s your chance!

2. My Shit Life so far – Frankie Boyle

Less acerbic than you’d think. Very funny and revealing.

3. Where’s Stig – Top Gear

Finally a book for Top Gears mysterious Stig. But can you find him?

4. It’s not what you think – Chris Evans

A riveting read where reflecting on the excesses of superstardom.

5. Saturday Night Peter – Peter Kay

He’s been out of the limelight for a while, don’t worry, he’s still funny.

6. Horrid Henry Robs the Bank – Francesca Simon

The latest in the Horrid Henry series, a great kids read.

7. Jordan – Katie Price

Hard to escape, this book delivers the true story behind Jordan.

8. He’s just not that into you – Greg Behrendt

The Film never quite reached the heights of this laugh out loud book.

9. Gaming Guides – Various

From Assasins Creed to Fallout 3,  our guides will help you through the game.

10. Pride and Prejudice and zombies

A brilliant skit on the Jane Austen classic.



1. HDMI cables.

Read our full guide to the best HDMI cables and why you need them.

2. The New iPod Nano.

The new range is ultra cute, crammed with new functionality and vivid colour.

3. Flip Video Camera.

Compact mini camcorder makes it even easier to shoot and share video.

4. Navman Sat Navs.

A great range of Sat Navs, slim, latest GPS, lightweight and great value.

5. Skull candy headphones.

From ear phones to head phones this range offers top quality at affordable prices.

Blu Ray: Must buys for your collection


1. Fight Club.

First rule of Fight Club reviews. Stop going on about those rules!

2. Band of Brothers.

Epic World War 2 drama. One of the best Blu Ray boxsets yet released.

3. The Godfather Trilogy.

28 Academy Award Winner with new bonus material. The benchmark.

4. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Disneys first full length film has never looked better than this Blu Ray version.

5. Lost Series 1 to 5.

We’re looking for the extras that explain to us what is actually happening!

6. Inglorious Basterds.

Brad Pitt got the hype however as with all Tarantino films the ensemble cast win the day.

7. Wizard of Oz sing-a-long.

Awesome picture, amazing sound quality – and subtitles for the songs. Perfect.

8. Watchmen Directors cut.

Directors cut + two new commentaries with a packed extras disc.

9. Terminator Salvation Ltd Edition.

As with most of his parts Christian Bale adds a brooding quality and gives the Terminator series a real shot in the arm.

10. Harry Potter Series 1 – 6.

Seven disc boxset at an amazing price, a must have for any Blu Ray collection.

Experience Days

air sphereing

1. Air Sphereing for Three.

Fancy a threesome? The most fun you can have with your clothes on.

2. Helicopter Thrill for Two.

Speed up to 120 mph and see the world at a completely different angle.

3. Parachute Jump

High adrenaline fun, a must for the world’s thrill seekers.

4. Hot Air Balloon Ride for Two.

A serene, scenic and relaxing adventure.

5. Zoo keeper for a day.

Get down and dirty with your favourite animals.

6. Bentley Continental Thrill.

Feel the power of a 12-cylinder, 6-litre twin-turbocharged engine.

7. Nissan GTR vs Audi R8.

Double fun, tuition by a trained instructor and then you’re off!

8. Ultimate Makeover & Photo Shoot.

Relax and be pampered and then papped for the day.

9. Ice Climbing for Two.

Up to -12 degrees on real ice, a real test for you and a mate.

10. His and Hers Massage.

Stressed, need to relax, need your other half to chill? This is for you!

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