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You might have noticed that we’ve been paying quite a lot of attention to comic book characters lately here on Zavvi.com. We recently looked at the transformation of Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn and last week we discussed the upcoming release of Deadpool, in line with the release of our September ZBOX which centres around our favourite comic book renegades. We’ve covered Marvel and DC Comics already, but one thing we can’t get our head around is why there are no proper 2000 AD films out yet!

2000 AD is a British science-fiction comic anthology that is renowned for the stories of Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper and Strontium Dog. Okay, so there was a Judge Dredd film out with Sylvester Stallone in 1995 and Dredd received some decent reviews back in 2012, but it seems that Hollywood prefers superheroes that have the Marvel or DC tag on them. We decided it was time to take a look at the character of Rogue Trooper, the genetically modified super-soldier who is immune to toxins. We believe he can definitely beat DC’s Batman and Marvel’s Spider-Man in an ardent fight and therefore deserves his own film soon!



Rogue Trooper’s main strength is his invulnerability. He’s created as a genetically altered soldier (a Genetic Infantryman) by the Southers, who are involved in an endless battle against the Norts on the planet Nu-Earth. He’s specially developed to be immune to the lethal atmosphere of Nu-Earth that’s poisoned as a result of the use of chemical and biological weapons. Rogue Trooper’s blue skin can withstand most toxins and acids, and his immune system is that strong that it’s even resistant to diseases. If Batman only had a snippet of Rogue’s powers, he’d be able to defeat Poison Ivy a lot quicker. We also believe Spider-Man’s arch-enemy Sandman wouldn’t have a leg to stand on with his irradiated sandstorms in a fight against Rogue Trooper.

Moreover, unlike Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker, Rogue Trooper doesn’t get distracted by attractive females or two-faced attorneys. He’s created with just one mission: to outwit the war techniques of the Norts (and later to take revenge on the traitor who has ambushed his fellow G.I.’s to their deaths in the Quartz Zone Massacre). He’s not easily led astray and there’s not a lot of Marvel or DC characters that can beat that!


Weaponry and Intelligence

Rogue Trooper - Helm, Bagman and Gunnar

The second superpower that Rogue Trooper has is his weaponry, enhanced with artificial intelligence. Not only does he use weapons like rifles, mines and grenades, he’s also got three micro-chips implanted into his rifle, backpack and helmet from three of his deceased army comrades. Gunnar, Bagman and Helm give him advice and intellectual support throughout his mission and are able to assist him in the battle by producing extra ammunition and offering vital protection. This triples Rogue Trooper’s powers and intelligence. Fair enough – Spider-Man has a sixth sense that alarms him for danger, and Batman has his Batmobile and other fancy high-tech devices bought with his dad’s money to get him out of hazardous situations, but none of them are able to download their memories and powers onto a special biochip like a G.I. at the moment of his death to continue fighting and live on forever.



After being bitten by a malicious spider, Spider-Man gained the power to shoot some impressive, sticky webs from his wrists, climb the highest walls and sense danger from afar. Batman has no superhero powers, but trained himself into having some excellent martial arts skills and a genius intellect to fight his enemies. Rogue Trooper didn’t even need any training. His body is specially optimised in order to defeat the Norts. He’s quick, he’s strong and he’s able to fight an entire army of tanks on his own. He’s the only male G.I. who managed to survive an airborne assault, and has proven himself to be deadlier than most Marvel or DC heroes in the fights that followed.

Rogue Trooper is certainly not inferior to the big Marvel and DC characters and we’re hoping it’s only a matter of time before we can enjoy the release of the first Rogue Trooper film. If you can’t wait for a cinema release, maybe check out our Renegades ZBOX this month and comfort yourself with some ZAVVI EXCLUSIVE 2000 AD merchandise.


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