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2013’s Top 15 Coming Soon Games

Welcome to the round up of 2013’s most wanted games: a compilation of 15 titles personally deemed as the most eagerly anticipated games for this new year. This list compiles the coming soon must haves of early 2013, in order of the month of release to avoid favouritism.

1. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (January)
For those who love Studio Ghibli, this is a game to get excited about, and is personally one I can’t wait for. This RPG is co-developed by the world renowned anime company, creators of Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, My Neighbour Totoro, etc., and more than showcases the company’s unique talents in both story and image. Expect to be taken on an emotional and engrossing gaming ride as you join Oliver, a young boy who brought his doll to life with his tears, on his quest in a parallel world to bring his mother back from the dead. This fantasy game is designed to take you on a visually stunning journey with the characters, providing a unique connection with them to help truly immerse you within the story. A game you won’t have seen before, Ni No Kuni is worth your time, no matter if you’re an anime fan or not.

ni no kuni

2. DmC: Devil May Cry (January)
DmC is the innovative reboot that the iconic Devil May Cry series has needed. This game focuses on character favourite Dante, yet is set in a parallel, fictitious world completely separate from the previous games. Half devil and half angel, Dante struggles to find where he belongs, and wanders through the warped reality of Limbo City, enduring haunting yet exhilarating adventures in order to come to terms with yourself, and find peace between your polar opposite halves.


3. Crysis 3 (February)
Take on the urban rainforest in this latest instalment of the shooter series Crysis. Exact your revenge as main protagonist Phrophet, the Nanosuit soldier who wants to rediscover his humanity. Enjoy exhilarating gameplay with the innovative Nanosuit offering unique stealth and armour abilities, as you traverse through the stunning seven wonders of New York’s Liberty Dome, overrun by a giant rainforest.

crysis 3

4. Dead Space 3 (February)
The Dead Space series is, in my own opinion, terrifying. However, this latest instalment in a series renowned for its lone survival horror gameplay offers an innovative new direction: a co-op campaign. Still revolving around the gross misfortune of protagonist Isaac Clarke, Dead Space 3 aims to cater to all those who are fans of the series, presenting the choice of going it alone or with a little help from a friend, whilst still keeping the gameplay petrifying, and the storyline intriguing.

dead space 3

5. Bioshock Infinite (March)
Bioshock Infinite takes the innovative series into a brand new direction, opening a new chapter for the franchise. Set in what can only be described as a steam/neo-punk version of 1912, the game revolves around the missing floating city of Columbia; a city that was originally a beacon of hope for the public, only to now have vanished without a trace into the clouds. Completely reinventing itself as a series, this instalment of Bioshock is a must have for all fans.

bioshock infinite

6. God of War: Ascension (March)
Play as Kratos once more in Ascension, the latest chapter in the best selling God of War series. Betrayed the god Ares and tricked into murdering his own family, Kratos has sworn to avenge the only people he has ever loved. Join Kratos in his quest for vengeance, and open a new chapter in the bloody story of one man betrayed by the gods, as our protagonist fights to keep his sanity in a prison for the living damned.

7. Scribblenauts Unlimited (March)
Unleash your imagination with Scribblenauts Unlimited for the Wii U, a game designed to challenge your brain. This word-based puzzle platformer is exclusively on Nintendo’s innovative new console, the Wii U, and looks completely revamped due to the HD quality of the graphics. The game revolves around the series’ protagonist Alex, who needs your help and imagination in order to complete the various tasks found throughout the main campaign. Whatever Alex writes in his magical notepad will come to life, and anything you imagine will come to life in this game.

8. South Park: The Stick of Truth (March)
The Stick of Truth is what many South Park fans would have possibly killed for this time last year, and now the wait is finally over: a South Park game! This ingenious RPG is based on the hilarious cult TV show South Park, and has you take on the role of the New Kid in town, who’s determined to make friends with the local kids, otherwise known as the main characters of South Park. This parody RPG has everything from character customisation to factions of Crab People, and is everything a South Park fan could ask for.

9. Tomb Raider (March)
An ingenious revamp of a beloved franchise, Tomb Raider reinvents the story of Lara Croft, not as a fearless archaeologist, but as instead a young woman trying to survive in new and unfriendly territory. A chance to see an iconic character in a whole new light, Tomb Raider is the breath of fresh air that the series has needed, portraying an ordinary woman whose only goal is to survive on this unknown beach.

10. Beyond: Two Souls (April)
This cutting edge PS3 exclusive game is highly innovative and interactive, boasting psychological thriller at its finest. From the makers of Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls stars Ellen Page via motion capture as the main character Jodie Holmes, a young woman with supernatural powers who is psychically linked to an invisible entity, who appears to often be beyond her control. This incredibly unique game boasts an incredible story enshrouded in mystery, with intense action and adventures just waiting to be discovered.

11. Dark Souls 2 (April)
This sequel opens a new chapter for the series, following the aftermath of the critically acclaimed Dark Souls, which safe to say set the bar for a sequel pretty high. This instalment presents a new storyline, new and improved gameplay, and essentially a complete overhaul in game design, allowing for an overall better experience with a sequel that’s consciously making an effort to get out from under its prequel’s shadow.

12. Grand Theft Auto V (April)
Definitely one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of 2013, Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V finally gets released this April. Described as “the largest and most ambitious title in the series to date”, number five has a lot to live up to, and it’s not even out yet! Set in Los Santos, this instalment in the iconic series follows its tried and trusted gameplay, and has placed a heavy focus on graphics for its new open world, bringing itself forwards and setting a new visual standard for the series.

13. Pikmin 3 (April)
This real time strategy game is a Nintendo Wii U exclusive, and has been completely overhauled to take full advantage of the HD graphics. This game revolves around four main Pikmin characters, and allows you to take control of a personal army of up to 100 adorable Pikmin, each with their own unique abilities, and who are able to work together to complete various tasks. As their leader, you must help them navigate and survive in their strange and beautiful world, defeat enemies and pick fruit to take back to their spaceships, to name but a few tasks. Step into the strange and magical world of Pikmin.

14. Watch Dogs (April)
WATCH_DOGS is a feverishly anticipated game, and for good reason. This release is the epitome of cutting edge in the current gaming world, showcasing an innovative style of gameplay inspired by and featuring cyber crime, along with sophisticated and realistic graphic visuals. Play as highly skilled hacker Aiden Pierce in an open world alternate reality of Chicago, Illinois, where everything is connected, and connection is power.

15. The Last of Us (May)
Venture into a post-apocalyptic world, where the population has been all but wiped out by a terrible plague. Play as Joel, a man who does what it takes to survive, whose unlikely companion is a teenage girl by the name of Ellie, who was born after the plague had completely changed the world as we know it. Together, with each other’s help, they’ll attempt to survive their journey across America.

Honourable mentions:
Rayman Legends (Wii U), Lego City Undercover (Wii U), Lost Planet 3, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, Bayonetta 2, Remember Me, Injustice: Gods Among Us (Wii U), Star Trek, Avengers: Battle for Earth (Wii U), The Walking Dead Video Game, The Witch and the Hundred Knights, Star Wars 1313, Overstrike, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Grid 2, Gears of War: Judgement, Rainbow Six Patriots, Dead Island: Riptide, Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time, Prey 2, Metro: Last Light

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