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John Whitley, owner of Hi-Def Ninja has kindly given us a glimpse into the world of a dedicated steelbook collector. What John doesn’t know about steelbooks isn’t worth knowing! Read his comments here on the zavvi.com blog.

It was the late summer of 2008 when Blu-ray movie enthusiasts started seeing these shiny cases that were popular for DVD collectors popping up in the world of high-definition. I wasn’t much of a DVD collector anymore, and missed out on almost all of the DVD steelbook days. However I was pretty intrigued by these upgraded cases that were appearing on Blu-ray steelbooks, and the attention they were attracting.

I think all of us were in for a surprise, as we didn’t know what was coming!  Many times we’d wait months only for there to be one or two announcements of new Steelbook titles. Blu-ray alone was an amazing experience, and the prices for the discs for early adopters were nowhere near as affordable as they are today. Today you can purchase an upgraded Steelbook edition for nearly the cost of the regular plastic case. For many the Steelbook edition was and is the last edition of that particular movie they plan to purchase.

With the help of community-driven sites like hidefninja.com and bluraysteelbooks.com leading the charge, the steelbook world caught fire.  Fast forward to today and Steelbook collecting has become a phenomenon, with 100’s of releases now available throughout the world.  Popular titles have sold out in as little as 5 days during pre-order of entire print runs of 4k. (the ‘typical’ min. order qty of a steelbook case)  In addition, several titles have become rarities and sold in the aftermarket for as much as 800GBP/$1200!

Thankfully the limited availability of new Steelbook titles from 2008 is long and gone, and SteelBooks are being announced regularly, and across a variety of release years and genres-allowing new movie fans to come aboard to this engaging hobby, add their favourite films in visually stunning cases, and trade titles from their geographical area with others, to obtain unique releases from around the world.  Collectors have more options to pick and choose from than they’ve ever had before-and the mix of prices for the ‘original’ rarities and new, limited releases create an incredibly rich variety for collectors of all tastes.

Movie fans and collectors chat every day about all of the new titles announced at the Hi-Def Ninja forums at www.hidefninja.com/forums -come join the fun and share your thoughts about Steelbook collecting, movies, games, and entertainment in general.

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