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The British Academy Awards will take place on Sunday the 16th February 2014 at the Royal Opera House in London. The event will be aired on BBC One and BBC One HD at 9pm.

Amongst the nominations for Best Film are 12 Years A Slave, American Hustle, Captain Phillips, Gravity and Philomena. Best Director nominations include Steve McQueen, David O. Russell, Paul Greengrass, Alfonso Cuaron and Martin Scorsese.

With a plethora of nominations the night promises to be a strong event attended by many celebrities and will be well covered in both national and international media.

Here’s a few of my favourite nominations.

12 Years A Slave – Adapted Screenplay.


For me personally, 12 Years A Slave directed by Steve McQueen is going to be a front runner for the Best Film category. It is a brutal and honest film that examines the slave trade and the hardship that was incurred. Solomon Northup is taken by slavers after joining a travelling show that heads off to Washington. Along the way he is abducted and sold into slavery and suffers at the hands of the Cotton Masters of the South and becomes witness to some of the most heinous crimes.

The depiction of the physical punishment that was endured was truthfully depicted as was the ferocity with which it was imparted. It was hard to keep watching.

For Solomon Northup there was hope as a man that he met during his servitude passed word of his whereabouts to his family in Northern America. Eventually he was freed and returned home to his family 12 years later.

Gravity – Cinematography


I’m aware of a number of mixed reviews in regards to Gravity but I have to say that I found it be an interesting plot and a compelling film. I’ve always been fascinated with space and EVA so it was always going to be a winner for me. There were a few things that I found a little far-fetched, such as the island hoping between space vehicles like the ISS and a Chinese Satellite that you could potentially inhabit. There are some nail biting moments when she ricochet’s off the top (relatively speaking) of the International Space Station and manages to climb inside whilst running out of oxygen.

Captain Phillips – Film in 2014


Tom Hanks always manages to find himself in challenging roles that are innovative and daring. Watching the film I could easily recall Castaway and how that film was shot. Captain Phillips finds himself caught in the high seas being pursued by Somali pirates with a crew whom are less than security conscious.

The pirates eventually board the Maersk “Alabama” and capture the crew but not before Captain Phillips offers them a bounty. This does not convince the pirates however, as they understand that they are working from a position of leverage and want more!

As things become increasingly desperate and time is running out Captain Phillips is taken hostage in his own lifeboat and they begin to make their way back toward to Somali coast. As tensions inside the lifeboat increase Captain Phillips begins to lose hope and makes a break for it in the hope that the Navy will find him. In the pitch black of night this proves to be a bridge too far. Re-captured and increasingly distraught Captain Phillips attempts to reason with his captures. Of course this is in vain.

Eventually the occupants of the lifeboat are shot dead by snipers from the back of a US navy ship. Captain Phillips of course, remains unscathed but in an emotionally frail condition. It was clear to see that stress of the situation had taken its toll on him.

American Hustle – Original Screenplay.


On the face of it I thought that this was going to be another “know you see me, know you don’t” kind of affair, I couldn’t have been more wrong. There was something fascinating about Christian Bale with a paunch and a “Big Ern” style comb-over. This obviously wasn’t the main attraction of the film but still I was intrigued.

Focusing on Christian Bale’s character’s odd take on the world from his infancy the film focusses on the development of his ability to be able to manipulate others to his own advantage. Soon he meets a girl (Amy Adams) that sees the world in the same way and they became close until agent Richie DiMaso entraps them and enlists there help to combat corruption in government. It soon becomes a tangled web and it’s hard to understand who’s on whose side. The film stars Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Roberto De Niro and more.

Here are a few of my favourite category nominations.

Best Leading Actor 2014

Bruce Dern

  • Nebraska

Chiwetel Ejiofor

  • 12 Years a Slave

Christian Bale

  • American Hustle

Leonardo Dicaprio

  • The Wolf of Wall Street

Tom Hanks

  • Captain Phillips

Best Director 2014

Steve McQueen

  • 12 Years A Slave

David O. Russell

  • American Hustle

Paul Greengrass

  • Captain Phillips

Alfonso Cuarón

  • Gravity

Martin Scorsese

  • The Wolf Of Wall Street

Best Film 2014

12 Years A Slave

  • Anthony Katagas, Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Steve McQueen

American Hustle

  • Charles Roven, Richard Suckle, Megan Ellison, Jonathan Gordon

Captain Phillips

  • Scott Rudin, Dana Brunetti, Michael De Luca


  • Alfonso Cuarón, David Heyman


  • Gabrielle Tana, Steve Coogan, Tracey Seaward


The quality of the films that are up for nomination this year are fantastic as any enthusiastic cinema goer will be able to tell you. The British Academy Awards will be a worthy red-carpet event.

We’ll also be doing a live tweet during the BAFTA’s ceremony. Please keep an eye out and follow us on Twitter

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