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Revelation Films


Revelation Film was first established in 1992 and partners with companies such as CBS, the Discovery Network, MTV, ITV, Freemantle Media and other independent producers. Revelation film specializes in retro TV amongst other things and has some of the most amazing catalogue of retro shows that I have seen.


They have an expansive catalogue including Highway to Heaven, Goodnight Sweetheart, The Tomorrow People, The Time Tunnel, Dr Quinn Medicine Women, Wire In The Blood, Lovejoy – The Complete Collection, Dirty Sanchez, Andromeda, Murder Most Horrid and the classic Dogtanian. They also have a great collection of Sci-fi, Feature films, Drama and Japanese Animation.

High quality drama


  • Chicago Hope

Chicago hope is set in a private charity hospital in Chicago. This drama has won many awards including seven Emmy’s and is critically acclaimed. The complex story lines that make this medical drama what it is are masterfully interwoven. This show reveals the intricate and dramatic events that medical personnel have to deal with on a daily basis both in their personal lives and their professional lives.

Mandy Patinkin stars as hot-shot surgeon Dr Jeffrey Geiger who is emotionally traumatised by events in his past. Geiger wants to be chief of surgery however he has some steep competition from his colleagues. Will he succeed?

Cult Television shows


  • Land of the Giants

Irwin Allen presents one of the most innovative shows of a generation, affectionately known as Giants! Allen is widely considered the undisputed master of small screen sci-fi. Giants, premiering in 1968 had a huge fan base of devoted followers and for over 40 years had been admired for its ground-breaking special effects, suspense and pure escapism. The show contains 51 episodes of delight.

During a sub-orbital mission from L.A to London the crew and ship encounter a spacial anomaly, also referred to as a space storm. During the storm the spaceship is dragged through a rift in the space-time continuum and they land on a planet inhabited by giants. A battle for their lives ensues and an adventure of epic proportions begins.

Childrens Classics



  • The Tomorrow People

This is undoubtedly one of the most memorable children’s programs of the 1970’s. Anybody that recalls this show will speak of it with great enthusiasm, and rightly so. This show has informed so many of the popular TV series that we encounter today like “Hero’s” and remaking of the new show “The Tomorrow People” and perhaps even “Jumper”. The influence of this show knows no bounds.

Capturing the imagination of children everywhere a gifted group of youngsters with telekinetic powers, teleportation abilities, a futuristic talking computer and a whole new race were beginning to emerge. This new race was to inherit the earth and put an end to suffering and only use technology for world peace. The Tomorrow people are Earth’s only protection against an intergalactic group of super villains.

Feature Films



  • Stuart: A Life Backwards

Starring two of my favourite actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy comes a film about hardship and friendship, Stuart: A Life Backwards. Nominated for a BAFTA in 2008 and written by Alex Masters the films tells the story of an unlikely friendship. Stuart (Tom Hardy) plays the part of a struggling alcoholic and career criminal who suffered a traumatic event during his childhood. Alex (Benedict Cumberbatch) begins to write Stuart’s biography. The film makes for compelling viewing.

Retro TV

Retro TV for me was always going to be a winner as I loved remembering all of the amazing programs that I used to watch as a child, who doesn’t? It’s always cool when you find somebody that you work or live with that either watched the same program or remembers the important part of a series that you once watched.

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