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Hi Dapper, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Your new DVD ‘Dapper Laughs Live: The Res-Erection’ is out in just under a month, so tell us about it!

Hi! The DVD was filmed at the Clapham Grand in front of a sell-out audience of my fans!  The show lightly touches on the drama that happened after the media backlash last year, I set a few things straight and make light of it. The show really takes the mick out of lad culture and takes the piss out of how pathetic us lads are, sharing some of my success stories and talking about some of the complete disasters we encounter in the world of sex. I also love to get into the audience so you’ll see a lot of audience interaction.

What was your favourite moment of filming?

Probably walking into the venue and seeing the stage set up, I’d been doing a few discrete shows to test material and was quite nervous, but once I saw the stage and the cameras set up I was raring to go!

How did the Dapper Laughs persona first come about?

When I came back from working family friendly audiences on the cruise ships I had to work hard to become a little more current and wanted to get into character comedy. I was trying to base the character on the some of my mates when I was say 16-17, that silly kind of humour and then it developed in to the jealous boyfriend stuff and the “hit with the ladies” side of things,  then I discovered vine and decided to stereotype lad humour a little more and take the mick out of it and it kicked off!

Who are your comedy idols?

I love Lee Evans and grew up watching him and dreamed of doing stand-up comedy and to the size of audiences he does, I loved Eddie Murphy when he did stand up, Chris Rock, the king of comedy Richard Prior, I like a American comedian called Pablo Francesco and I love Micky Flanagan.

Congratulations on bagging a film deal! What can we expect from Dapper Laughs: The Movie?

Can’t give too much of that away but the same brand of comedy in a film, it’s a comedy horror and although it will be under the Dapper Laughs brand it will be introducing me, Daniel O’Reilly as a comedy actor. But yer, silly laughs and lots of non-stop fun.

There’s no ‘do-overs’ in a Live show so your tour has clearly been a great way to set the record straight about the kind of comedy you’re actually putting out there. Do you get nervous before performing?

Very, ask anyone that comes on tour with me and is back stage I become very anxious and nervous, you never know if you can remember everything you have written and the order of things but more importantly as I discovered last year things can be taken so so far out of context that one slip of the tongue can ruin things so yer it is scary.


What do you think of ‘Lad Culture’?

I think we need to be careful using the term too much, a lot of things fall into lad culture that there is no problem with, like going out and drinking with your mates and shouting at a TV screen over the football, but when you talk about it in the sense of actively being sexually derogatory to woman and harassing them then I think there is no place for it, my comedy sketches portrayed that to take the piss out of it and look how much that offended people, it’s a serious issue which should be dealt with properly. But some aspects of lads being lads is harmless, let’s not take that away from them.

With sold out shows, a film deal and so much support from fans, you must be pretty happy with your decision to ‘res-erect’ Dapper Laughs. Do you think the critics are starting to come around too?

I am happy, I’m over the moon but I’m still scarred from the drama, not really back to my old self, which may be a good thing professionally, but it has been a long long hard slog for my team and myself, and I’m thankful for that, yes a lot of media have turned around, I made some mistakes but a lot of stuff was blown well out of proportion and more importantly the public can see what really happened. There are still people that will refuse to see my comments were taken out of context and that “rape joke” was actually me repeating what a lady said in the front row, because it fits their agenda and think I make a good poster boy for it, but honestly, I’m over it and would rather work with them on raising awareness through the voice I have to my fans.

You’ve got a huge following on social media, but if you had to choose between Vine and Snapchat which would you pick?

Snapchat all day long, you have instant access to your fans, you can do sketches, or take them on a story with you all day, behind the scenes, the response I get to content on vine has started to bore me while Snapchat really hits home with the viewers and lights up my twitter and Facebook instantly.

Someone recently proposed at one of your gigs, is there anything else you’d like to see happen at one in future?

Someone have sex live on stage, jokes jokes. I don’t think anyone can top that, so just for people to come and get smashed and have a right giggle.

Anyone who follows you on social media will likely have seen you at the driving range, but are you actually any good at golf yet?

Shocking! so let’s move on.

What’s the funniest prank you’ve ever played on someone?

One I did with troll station on my birthday when I pretended to get bottles and kidnapped all the bar staff and my friends came out to help me, I felt so bad afterwards.

And finally, can you describe yourself in three words for us.

Cheeky, Fun, Ambitious

Dapper Laughs Live: ‘The Res-Erection’ the DVD is out on the 16th November and now available to pre-order on Zavvi! Plus the first 200 orders on Zavvi will be signed by Dapper himself!

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