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Attention all Assassin’s Creed 3 lovers, Ubisoft confirmed earlier today (6th Feb) the release dates of all three upcoming episodes of the Tyranny of King Washington. These episodes are all single player campaigns that offer you the chance to explore an alternate history timeline following the American Revolution.

Assassin’s Creed 3 is the fifth instalment in the saga that has drawn inspiration from incredible moments in history, allowing you to live through members of the past. This is the third numbered title in the legacy, and engulfs you in the past once more with stories steeped in history just begging for you to explore them. Welcome to an entirely new age of Assassin’s Creed, where war will shadow your every footstep.

This game is set between the years of 1753 and 1783 in Colonial America, amidst the American Revolution. You will play as Ratohnaké:ton, named otherwise as Connor; a man born of both direct Native American and English descent who has been raised with the Mohawk tribe. When your home is razed to the ground by American invaders, vengeance fills you and boils in your blood, spurring you to join the fight. Bring forth justice, and the end to the war that has raged between Assassins and Templars for generations. You are the new hero, with the responsibility of liberty and freedom weighing greatly on your shoulders. Prepare for blood to be shed.

Episode One: The Infamy – February 19th for Xbox 360 and PC, and February 20th for PS3.

Our protagonist Ratonhnhaké:ton finds that despite his best efforts to exact justice throughout the lands of the newly-founded United States of America, George Washington has been crowned as the new King. Here in The Infamy, it is your job to right the wrongs of this country, and dethrone King Washington.

Episode Two: The Betrayal – March 19th for Xbox 360 and PC, and March 20th for PS3.

Episode Three: The Redemption – April 23rd for Xbox 360 and PC, and April 24th for PS3.

All three of these Tyranny of King Washington episodes will be available through the Assassin’s Creed 3 Season Pass (which itself costs 2400 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE, or £23.99 on the PSN and Windows PC). Each episode will be available to buy separately as a single DLC pack for 800 Microsoft Points or £7.99 on the PSN or Windows PC.

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