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At zavvi we stock a vast number of official accessories for both of Sony’s current gaming platforms: headsets, controllers, charge cables, arcade sticks… the list is pretty hefty. It can all get pretty intimidating if you’re unsure of precisely what it is that you’re looking for, so below is a brief explanation of what Sony’s range of official peripherals and accessories all do. To view each item on zavvi.com, simply click on the relevant title below.

Playstation Move (PS3)

Playstation Move is the Playstation 3’s very own motion control system, and the device is available as a special “Starter Pack” which includes everything you need to get going: a Playstation Move controller and a Playstation Eye camera. Move-compatible games include: Wonderbook: Book of Spells, Killzone 3, Sports Champions and Resistance 3 to name only a few. If you want to know a bit more about what Playstation Move actually does, take a look at the trailer that’s embedded at the bottom of this page.

PS Vita Memory Cards

These official memory cards allow you to expand the memory of your Playstation Vita. These cards allow you to save almost anything on them: game save files, PSN downloads, music, photos, movies, and even full games. They are available in either 8GB, 16GB or 32GB sizes.

Remote Control (PS3)

In case you weren’t aware, Sony’s powerful PS3 console also doubles up as a Blu-Ray player. Although the standard Playstation 3 control pad works just fine for navigating Blu-Ray disc menus, if you fancy something a bit more traditional this official remote is also available.

Clean N Protect Pouch (PS Vita)

Featuring a special padded interior, the Clean N Protect Pouch is designed for people who like to play games on the move. There’s room to store up to five PS Vita game cartridges, a wrist strap and the whole case is secured by a sturdy zip fastening. It’s available in Red and Blue.

Playstation Network (PSN) Points Cards

Both the PS3 and the PS Vita are hooked up to Sony’s Playstation Network, an online store which allows you to purchase full games, movies or add-ons for existing boxed software. You can either fill up your virtual PSN “wallet” with funds from a credit card, or with one of the handy official Points Cards. These cards contain a code which you enter into the PSN store to instantly top up your account.

Dual Shock 3 Controller (PS3)

Featuring pressure-sensitive buttons, Sixaxis motion technology and operating wirelessly via Bluetooth, the Dual Shock 3 is the most advanced Playstation controller ever. Every new PS3 console comes with one of these controllers included with it, but additional units will come in handy if you’re looking to play multiplayer games.

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Watch the “Introducing Playstation Move” trailer below:

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