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Now we all know that the holidays aren’t about the food, the presents, not even the newest Star Wars film we’ve all been looking forward to! It’s all about ambiance – having a good time with the people you love and forgetting about the stresses of everyday life. (Ahem, allow us to be cheesy, it’s almost Christmas!)

Crucial to creating that ambiance is, of course, the yearly much-loved, much-hated routine of listening to the same old Christmas songs, watching Home Alone on Christmas Eve and Jools Holland on the 31st! Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, allow yourself to enjoy the holiday season in style and let these Otone speakers and headphones enhance the festive ambiance!

Driving Home For Christmas

Otone Headphones

Rather than at the moment that you’re all sitting around the Christmas dinner table being stressed about the overcooked turkey, the ultimate Christmas feeling usually comes at that moment when you step into the car or train on your way to see your loved ones. So stick some appropriate Christmas tunes on (in other words, Chris Rea), listen to them in style with these VTXsound headphones and imagine all of those smiling faces upon seeing you!

These headphones deliver a new dimension to sound that allows you to enjoy clear tones with a high dynamic range. They’re extremely lightweight and block out any outside noise, so your Christmas musings won’t easily be disturbed.

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Otone Blufiniti

In case you’re playing host this Christmas to your parents, mum-in-law and sister with her three annoying little kids, make sure you’ve got some cheerful background music on in the background to liven up the party and avoid any awkward silences when people ask you why you haven’t had kids yet. The Otone Blufiniti Portable Bluetooth Speaker is perfect to hide under that festive floral arrangement on the window sill for some much needed Christmas cheer. (Or choose to display it in the middle of the table with its wonderful colours!) Sync it with your phone and start rocking around the Christmas tree!

Happy New Year

Otone Speakers

Turn your room into a home cinema, night club or gaming wonderland with the Otone Varsa 2.0 Multimedia Speaker! The horizontal soundbar is perfect to get that ultimate sound with during your Doctor Who marathon on Christmas Day or when you’re blasting out some ABBA tunes on New Year’s Eve. It includes two high-sensitivity drivers that are perfect for bass-heavy music. The speakers can also be used as a horizontal (or vertical) alternative to your desktop speakers for if you decide to skip dancing and just throw a NYE LAN party instead.


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