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By Tim Burgess

Photo by Holly Lucas, Same Teens

Tim Burgess talks us through The Charlatans back catalogue of albums from the past 20 years…

Some Friendly (1990)

‘The first debut album to go to number one since ‘Johnny Hates Jazz’’ I remember reading in the Daily Mirror. ‘The Biggest Band In The World Today’ I read in another newspaper. It was high times lots of great music happening. I was on the cover of THE FACE representing the genre – just amazing! – but we deserved it the record was good and the timing seemed to be perfect.

Between 10th and 11th (1992)

The title came from the street where we played our first US gig. The Marquee in New York.

It was a great experience working with Flood (Grammy award winning producer who’s worked with Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and U2) he taught us a lot. Weirdo became our biggest radio hit in US and the album is the biggest seller in the states, even now.

Up To Our Hips (1994)

Produced by Steve Hillage at Monnow Valley studios in Monmouth the first of three albums to be recorded there. I remember me and Rob Collins writing Can’t Get Out Of Bed when the rest of the band went home for the weekend. They were great times though it was to go a little sour during the recording as Rob was sentenced to 8 months in prison for his part in an armed robbery. The day he was released we performed Cant Get Out Of Bed at Top Of The Pops.

The Charlatans (1995)

Best memories for me of making an album we were back at Monnow Valley, the songs just wouldn’t stop.

Tell everyone, No Fiction, Just Looking, real northern soul music. We released Just When Your Thinking Things Over – the same week as Blur v Oasis and got single of the week in NME, and became our biggest hit (no.12)  since The Only One I know (no.9). The album went in at Number 1

Tellin’ Stories (1997)

Still the songs kept coming – Tellin Stories, North Country Boy, How High then Bang!!!! The dream was over in a flash Rob Collins died on 22nd July 96 in a car crash on his way back to Monnow Valley.

It was the end of an era things would never be the same. Martin Duffy played keys on the rest of the album which went to no 1

Us and Us Only (1999)

Tellin’ stories was a very ‘up’ record. Even though we dealt with the death of our best friend.

Us And Us Only though was very melancholic and brooding. We really took our time and isolated ourselves from the rest of the world. There seemed to be an incredible amount of pressure while recording this album, it was the first record without Rob Collins and our first record for Universal.

Tony Rogers joined the band and I moved to Los Angeles. I guess I jumped at the opportunity of moving, to escape the reality of the situation. It was a really hard album to make and it seemed to take a lifetime.

Forever, My Beautiful Friend and Impossible were the singles…  My personal favourites are The Blind Stagger, Senses and Watching You. So Good!! So hard to make but hey!!! maybe our most consistent record to date..

Wonderland (2001)

Recorded in Los Angeles with Danny Sabre completely the opposite kind of record to UAUO we wanted to make “a record inspired by Sly Stone and Rick James” and after writing the song A Man Needs To Be Told decided to sing the whole album in falsetto – ispired by Kurt Wagner (Lambchop) and Curtis Mayfield. The most inspired record we had made since The Charlatans, back to having fun and I think you can hear that in the music.

Up at the Lake (2004)

Very traditional English folk psyche record including the beautiful songs ‘Dead Love’ and  ‘I’ll Sing A Hymn’.

We just wanted to release this album with minimum fuss (no promotion). I felt a lot of sadness in this record. ‘Try Again Today’, ‘Up At The Lake’, ‘Blue For You’ all very sad songs

Simpatico (2006)

A Dark record height of my drugs and alcohol addiction. Songs about death, prostitutes pretty much summing up/reflecting what was going on in my life.Still there was optimism in the misery. We had the brilliant single – Blackened Blue Eyes and personal favourites like The Architect,For Your Entertainment and City Of The Dead.

You Cross My Path (2008)

Our most consistent record since UAUO. A very positive record and a very inspiring time. Recorded in Los Angeles and Ireland and The Charlatans studio in Cheshire. This album will probably be remembered for the fact that we gave it away as a free download with XFM Radio .

Singles – ‘Oh! Vanity’, ‘You Cross My Path’, ‘The Misbegotten’. In my opinion it is as inspired as The Charlatans and Wonderland.


So, that brings us right up to the present day. Their next album is recorded and ready to go but first they are looking back a little with some extra special gigs featuring their debut album, ‘Some Friendly’, played track by track followed by some of their greatest hits.

Their Glasgow Barrowlands and Camden Roundhouse are both sell outs but there’s limited tickets for Blackpool Empress Ballroom on May 15th. Visit www.thecharlatans.net for more details.

Same Teens and Tim Burgess are DJing at the aftershow party with some guest DJs at The Ruby Lounge, Manchester so come on down! Visit the Same Teens facebook page for more details.

May 17th sees the release of a special anniversary edition of ‘Some Friendly‘.

The album will feature a bonus disc boasting tracks from BBC John Peel and Mark Goodier sessions plus rare mixes and singles. The album has been remastered with original vinyl sequencing.

The tracklisting of the ‘Some Friendly’ reissue is:


‘You’re Not Very Well’

‘White Shirt’



‘109 Pt.2’

‘Polar Bear’

‘Believe You Me’



‘Sproston Green’


‘The Only One I Know’

‘Imperial 109’

‘Everything Changed ‘

‘Then’ (John Peel session)

‘Always In Mind’ (Peel)

‘You Can Talk To Me’ (Peel)

‘Polar Bear’ (Peel)

‘Some Friendly’ (Mark Goodier session)

‘Indian Rope’ (Goodier)

‘The Only One I Know’ (Goodier)

‘White Shirt’ (Goodier)


‘Taurus Moaner’

‘Taurus Moaner’ (instrumental)

‘Polar Bear’ (12-inch mix)

‘Over Rising’

‘Way Up There’

‘Happen To Die’

‘Opportunity Three’

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