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Who are the Aussie stand-ups tearing up the UK comedy scene and bringing out some of the finest stand up comedy DVDs you’ll see this or any year?

tim minchin comedy DVD

What kind of person would travel halfway round the world to our rainy little island just to tell jokes? No wonder so many Aussie comics are angry. Leaving the eternal sunshine and barbies behind to amuse the Brits is a serious business for comedians like Jim Jefferies, Brendon Burns, Tim Minchin and Adam Hills.

“The British sense of humour is more sophisticated – the Australian more honest.” Says Burns.  “Both have their merits and make each equally challenging and fun.”

The bad boy of the stand-up circuit, Burns became more respectable when he won the if.comedy award in Edinburgh in 2007, but his outrageous behaviour means you’ll rarely catch him on your TV screen.

Fired as a presenter on ITV2’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here…Now! (he refused to wear a hat with corks on), and banned from live BBC television for French-kissing a goat (yes really) on BBC3’s Live Floor Show, the only way to experience a blast of undiluted Burns is on his latest DVD, the aptly named and award winning So I Suppose This Is Offensive Now? This attack on political correctness is both hilarious and startlingly original – prepare to be surprised.

Fans of Burns who like their comedy Aussie, angry, and eye-wateringly smutty should be sure to check out Jim Jefferies.

You’ll know his face from Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Channel 4’s A History of Offensive Humour, but it’s on stage where Jeffries is allowed to let rip on matters like death, sex toys and his battle with ‘d*ck cancer’.  His HBO special I Swear To God is filthy, furious and always hilarious.

But what if you prefer a less shouty stand-up, perhaps with musical accompaniment? Rocketing into the mainstream, Tim Minchin is a musical comedian who until now has been a well-kept secret on the live comedy circuit.

In his debut DVD, So F**king Rock!, Minchin tackles social issues with creative sweariness and a grand piano. For example, ‘Canvas Bags’ is a call to arms for the environmentally concerned shopper, and ‘Storm’ is a withering beat-poem about homeopathy. A champion of guyliner, tight jeans and bare-foot piano playing, Minchin is one for the socially-conscious Boosh and Russell Brand fans.

His next project is the score to the Royal Shakespere Company’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Matilda, so expect to see him in the UK for some time.

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