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To celebrate all things Mario, including the upcoming and highly anticipated releases of Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U (out May 30th) and Mario Golf: World Tour (out May 2nd) for the 3DS here at Zavvi, in association with Nintendo, we are giving away a Wii U Mario and Luigi Premium Pack.

All you need to do to be entered into the prize draw to win this great prize is let us know what your favourite Mario game is below! Competition ends at midnight on the 21st of May.

The premium pack not only contains Nintendo’s wonderful family home console, but also a GamePad controller and copies of New Super Mario Bros. U – currently sporting an impressive 84/100 score on Metacritic – and New Super Luigi U, given an 8/10 by Game Informer magazine.

New Super Mario Bros. U

Super Mario Bros Blog Pic

With an all new way to play, New Super Mario Bros. U brings back classic characters like Mario, Luigi and Toad, but brings in a new character to join in the platform fun – you! Use your Mii character to tear through this latest 2D side-scrolling Mario adventure, with a giant world map packed with new courses and challenges, the likes of which are only possible on Wii U.

New Super Mario Bros. U makes full use of the capabilities of the Wii U console, by using the Wii U GamePad to increase the options for both solo and multiplayer gaming. If your main screen is in use, use the GamePad to continue the action by yourself or, if you want to team up with friends, things get even more exciting.

New Super Luigi U

Luigi Blog Pic

While New Super Luigi U’s basic systems are the same as New Super Mario Bros. U, the 82 courses on the World Map have been replaced with brand new ones for Luigi! A whole host of challenging levels await! You’ve only got 100 seconds to clear each course, and the clock is ticking! It’s going to be one super-speedy adventure for Luigi.

Luigi can jump higher than Mario and has much more momentum. These differences make for a totally unique style of play, which is sure to become clear as soon as you start to guide Luigi around the game’s courses!

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