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It’s an age old problem that has been applied to music and literature – what 5 books or music would you take with you if you were stranded on a desert island. Presumably in the case of music you’re on a desert island with working electricity. As such I thought it would be a good idea to pose the same question of DVDs (or Blu-Rays).

One has to remember, though, that this a question that is more complex than it appears on the surface. These will have to be films that you’re able to watch again, and again, or again. Or perhaps you’ll pick five films that you will only watch once – but that will be worth it.

Below are my selections and those of the Zavvi team, so leave your own selections in the comments section and join the discussions!


My Choices:

  1. The Apartment
  2. Wall-E
  3. Jules et Jim
  4. Casablanca
  5. Wings of Desire


Tom H:

  1. Fight Club
  2. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  3. Saturday Night & Sunday Morning
  4. Midnight in Paris
  5. Terminator 2



  1. Godfather II
  2. Rocky: The Undisputed Collection
  3. Taxi Driver
  4. Meet the Fockers
  5. Labor Day

Breaking Bad: Jesse Pinkman and Walter White


  1. Breaking Bad – The Complete Series
  2. David Attenborough – The 3D Collection
  3. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  4. Notting Hill
  5. The Shawshank Redemption



  1. The Way We Were
  2. Napoleon Dynamite
  3. Bridesmaids
  4. Sex and the City Boxset
  5. Forgetting Sarah Marshal



  1. I’m Alan Partridge
  2. One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
  3. The Life of David Gale
  4. Basketball Diaries
  5. Girl, Interrupted



  1. The Shining
  2. Clueless
  3. The Princess Bride
  4. Big
  5. Harold and Maude

Easy Rider


  1. Easy Rider
  2. Drive
  3. Almost Famous
  4. I Love You, Man
  5. Practical Magic



  1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  2. The Island
  3. Resident Evil
  4. Goodfellas
  5. Casino



  1. Muppets Christmas Carol
  2. Anchorman
  3. The Beach
  4. Pulp Fiction
  5. Man on Fire

Remember to add your own desert Island DVDs in the comments below!


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