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Disney Infinity Announcement

Disney INFINITY is an interactive game from Disney Interactive Studios, styled in the same vein as Activision’s Skylanders’ toys to life game category. Just like with Skylanders, Infinity is based on a collection of figurines, which can be synchronised with the game by placing them on the Infinity Base, Disney’s version of the Portal of Power. Placing the character figurines on this base means you can access them instantly within the game, which will be available on 360, PS3, Wii, WiiU, 3DS, PC and Mobile in June 2013.

With Infinity, players will be able to interact with over 30 of their favourite iconic Disney and Pixar characters, including the stars of Toy Story, Cars, The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters Inc, and many more. There are Play Set pieces, which when placed on the Infinity Base grant access to various campaigns modes and specific games themed around the correlating film. There is also a Toy Box mode, where players can create their own worlds and adventures with a level editor, mix and race all the characters, as well as partake in other adventures. The game itself offers a no rules and no restrictions promise, where it appears that you can roam around multiple character’s worlds and get up to all sorts of mischief!

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Infinity offers multiplayer choices as well, where two players can play local co-op with split screen, and up to four players can play online with drop-in drop-out co-op, with access to both Story and Toy Box mode. Giving players multiple options appears to be important to Disney Interactive, with a wide variety of physical circular tokens making an appearance, which when placed underneath a figurine on the Infinity Base give that character a new power. Up to two discs can be stacked to give your character multiple power-ups, and can give extraordinary abilities such as homing missiles!

The Starter Pack for Disney Infinity boasts three stories: Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Incredibles, as well as a character from each of those three films and the Infinity Base. The Starter Pack will also include a Play Set and Upgrade Token, giving you a variety of adventures from the get go. The total 30+ figurines will be available initially and sold separately, and can be used across different platforms, taking their experience and funds with them.

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Check out the Disney Infinity Official Trailer below:


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