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Welcome to the brand new game from Disney, Disney Infinity. Disney Infinity allows you to share the magical worlds and enchanting characters created in the wonderful Disney films, in an all exciting gaming experience, filled with imaginative play and endless fun.

Take a look at this sneak peak of the enchanting world of Disney Infinity:

[iframe src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/nMTODD9HZBc” height=”315″ width=”560″][/iframe]

Meet the Characters:

Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow – Set sail with this swashbuckling pirate and enjoy adventures of the seafaring kind.  Lead him on his slightly wobbly way in search of hidden treasures in the pirates of the Caribbean play. Savvy?



Davy Jones

Davy Jones – The demon of the deep, the ruler of the seven seas, Davy Jones has spectacular sword-fighting skills and many an enemy. Make sure he doesn’t make you walk the plank in his quest for buried treasure.



BarbossaBarbossa – The undead ex-captain of the Black Pearl, this pirate is a master swordsman and a powerful character to defeat. Much-feared and respected by all the sea folk, Barbossa’s game will be take what you can and give nothing back!



DashDash – The speedy superhuman is the fastest kid on the block. Run circles around your enemies, making their heads spin as you out wit them. Small but speedy Dash is not only fast on the ground, he can deliver super fast punches to the bad guys.


DisneyInfinity_PopUp_Thumbs_Violet Violet – The eldest daughter of the Incredibles, stops villains in their tracks with her awesome plasma shield, stopping any harm coming to her family . She also uses her power of invisibility to avoid trouble and creep up on enemies.


DisneyInfinity_PopUp_Thumbs_MrInc  Mr Incredible –  Saving the world one step at a time, with his super strength and awesome combat moves. Use your brute strength to defend the innocent from evil villains.

DisneyInfinity_PopUp_Thumbs_MrsInc Mrs Incredible – With super stretch skills she knows how to handle three kids. Using her incredible stretching ability she can reach all the way across town, swing from buildings or just juggle the kids. Fiercely protective, you don’t want to mess with this super mamma.


DisneyInfinity_PopUp_Thumbs_HollyHolley Shiftwell  is as sharp and smart as she looks. Trained for any terrain, take Holley for a spin and she’ll make even the hardest corners in the Cars Play Set feel like child’s play.

DisneyInfinity_PopUp_Thumbs_FrancescoFrancesco – Top European racer Francesco thinks he’s the hottest thing since wheels were invented. With his high-speed racing and gadgetry, the sleek Italian car is Lightning’s chief rival. Francesco can zip around the Cars Play Set and still have enough juice for showing off afterwards.

DisneyInfinity_PopUp_Thumbs_mater Mater – Don’t judge a book by its cover, Mater might be a bit rusty, but he’s also got power under his hood. He’s built for towing too, so he’s one of the more helpful vehicles in the Cars Play Set!

DisneyInfinity_PopUp_Thumbs_McQueenLightning McQueen – Whatever the task, Lightning McQueen is quick to react. Whether he’s jumping a canyon, trailblazing through desert or towing another character in the Cars Play Set, nothing slows him down.

DisneyInfinity_PopUp_Thumbs_SullySulley – A lovable Rogue has plenty of scare, but a heart of gold. He is one for practical jokes and making Mike’s life a challenging as possible. Leap your way across campus with this big old softy.

DisneyInfinity_PopUp_Thumbs_Randy Randy – When it comes to creeping into the rival campus for some scare-­worthy sabotage, Randy is the sneakiest in the Monsters University Play Set.

DisneyInfinity_PopUp_Thumbs_MikeMike – The campus clown normally gets himself out of trouble by talking. Telling jokes comes naturally, but he can scare away nasties with his megaphone or perform his signature jig.

DisneyInfinity_PopUp_Thumbs_tontoTonto – He’s the intelligent, Tomahawk-throwing partner of the Lone Ranger and always fun to play. Tonto is excellent on a horse, a feared adversary and quite stylish with his crow headgear.

DisneyInfinity_PopUp_Thumbs_LoneRangerThe Lone Ranger – There’s never a dull moment playing the smart-shooting, masked man of justice. Even with the odds stacked against you, you can use your climbing, riding and bullet-ricocheting skills to win in the Lone Ranger Play Set.



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