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Here’s a quick rundown of the titles that are available from Zavvi on Monday the 2nd December. We’ve got Only God Forgives, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, The Hangover Trilogy (Includes Ultraviolet Copy), Taxi, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Planes and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 – Ultimate Collector’s Edition plus many more.

Only God Forgives – Limited edition Steel book.


Ryan Gosling stars in this examination of Bangkok’s criminal underworld, It’ both stylish and intriguing in its portrayal of this often challenging and decadent subject matter.

Gosling’s extensive drug operation is covered up by the boxing club façade. The man is searching for meaning in his lawless life even though he has everything that a man could possibly want for. His mother is beside herself with grief when she discovers that Goslings brother has in fact been murdered. When she arrives in Bangkok to retrieve the body she commands Gosling to inflict revenge upon his brother’s killers.

The film has been hailed by many critics as a total success.



The natural follow on to Cars would of course be something like this and a fine Job they have done of it. This animated comedy is both delightful and full of action and adventure. There is an element of ‘coming of age drama’ about this film. The main character is in fact an aeroplane that is afraid of heights. Plus, he’s not exactly built for speed. His courage is tested to the limit and this unlikely hero aims to flyer higher than anybody than ever before.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray.


The seventh and penultimate film to the Harry Potter Saga. The young friends find themselves chasing down the Horcrux’s that they need so desperately to find. They have to work together and put the pieces of the puzzle together, while at the same time their individual faith to the cause is tested.

They must stop Voldemort at all costs. There are some amazing features to this set. The book of artworks is of spectacular quality and would be particularly valued by a collector.

The Hangover Trilogy – Limited Edition Steelbook (Includes Ultraviolet Copy) Blu-ray.


Triple the films triple the fun! Two years since the morning after first begun we see Stu, Doug and Phil nicely settled down into family life and not craving the life of a bachelor. If you believe that then you’ll believe anything. The members of the Wolfpack are brought together once again by one of their members, Alan, personal crisis. Off his medication the walls of reality come crashing down bringing the Wolfpack into a crisis that nobody will escape from.


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