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Being finally able to buy Twin Peaks season 2 on DVD is one of those events that will by pass a large percentage of the population, but leave those of a certain age in a state of not considerable excitement.

Directed by the legendary David Lynch (The Elephant Man (1980), Blue Velvet (1986) and Mulholland Drive (2001)), Twin Peaks season two picks up from the first season cliff-hanger that saw Agent Cooper (Kyle Maclachlan – Desperate Housewives, Sex And The City) shot repeatedly as he closed in on the mystery surrounding the brutal murder of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee – Dirty Sexy Money, One Tree Hill).

To the uninitiated that all sounds relatively straight forward however Season 2 sees the then ground breaking strangeness first exposed in Twin Peaks season one continue to course through its DNA of as Agent Cooper’s investigations take him deeper and deeper into a murky otherworld and to the very brink of madness itself…

So what was special about Twin Peaks?

A quick recap: “Homecoming Queen Laura Palmer is found dead, washed up on a riverbank, wrapped in plastic sheeting. FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper is called in to investigate the murder of this young woman in the small, North-western town of Twin Peaks. What he doesn’t know is that in Twin Peaks, no one is innocent”.

Twin Peaks originally aired between 1990 and 1991, and became one of the most critically acclaimed and popular TV series around the globe. Ostensibly a murder mystery David Lynch delivered a mix of humour, surrealism, complexity (and his trademark sentiment of impending doom) in a way never seen before on the small screen.

Taking root in popular culture, Lynch’s visionary series regularly tops lists of the best TV shows ever and is as popular today as it was when it first aired. Due to complex funding and studio wrangles the DVD of Twin Peaks season two has not previously been released on DVD. Luckily Universal Playback have been able to step forward and deliver an amazing box set in time for the 20th anniversary and this  release is going to please the legions of fans out there.

However be warned, if you’ve not seen the first series of Twin Peaks we’d recommend you’d start there (or indulge yourself with the Complete Twin Peaks collection) due to the richness of the characterisation and the complex plotting.

Also it’s fair to say that at times Season Two gets a bit weird so if you’ve not seen season one on DVD then there’s even less chance it will make sense!

Twin Peaks was a landmark moment in TV history and stands the test of time for fans of intelligent, challenging and exciting television. If you’re a fan of Charlie Kauffman, Spike Jonz or even Lost and haven’t discovered this yet then you’re in for a treat.

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