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24 Season 8 – Jack is back

24 Season 8 has just had its first airing on UK television, after seeing episode 1 we’re certain that this season is going to be as thrilling as ever!  With Jack’s body count already at 2 before the first hour is even over – and that excludes the good guys – we’re wondering how many more people is Jack going to kill? Don’t worry we’re not going to spoil things by spilling the beans here…

Win 24 Season 8 on DVD

OK, let’s have a bit of fun, take a guess on how many people you think Jack will kill during season 8 – we’ll pick 1 lucky person at random to receive a free copy of 24 Season 8 on DVD after its release (expected late 2010).  We know the actual kill count might be a little hard to establish as there’s obviously bad guys who’ll get shot but not necessarily bite the bullet – I mean who knows what kind of medical attention the baddies receive once Jack leaves the scene!?  So for this reason each person who commits themselves to a guess will receive an entry to win a copy of 24 Season 8 on DVD. Leave a comment with your guesstimate for your chance to win!

If you’ve never watched 24 before then you’re missing out!  The whole concept of the show is that it’s presented in real-time, with each episode lasting 60 mins (or closer to 45 minutes when you cut out the ad breaks) and each season depicts a 24-hour period in the life of Jack Bauer – if you think you’ve had a busy day at college or work then wait until you’ve seen a day in the life of Mr Bauer! Working with the United States government, Jack Bauer is their not-so-secret weapon in the fight against terrorist threats to the United States.  Each episode is intensely gripping and the 24 Season 1-7 Box set should come with a health warning along the lines of “may result in long periods of sitting on the sofa doing nothing but wondering what on earth Jack is going to pull out his little bag of tricks next”.  It’s not all about Jack Bauer though – the show also follows the actions of associated CTU agents, government officials, terrorists and not to mention Jack’s rather annoying but aesthetically pleasing daughter (Elisha Cuthbert)!

Watch the 24 Season 8 trailer here…

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a CTU agent then you should check out our Spy Academy gift – giving you a half day of secret agent activities including the lowdown on specialist surveillance gadgets such as cameras, bugs and radios and the chance to fire machine guns.  However, please be warned that Jack Bauer is a tough agent to live up to so you’re going to need more than a half day training to get a job at CTU.

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Guesstimate the 24 Season 8 body-count for your chance to win a free copy of 24 Season 8 on DVD…

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