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Thanks for joining us for the marathon of magnificence that was E3 2014. The Zavvi team were here at 5:30 PM GMT (9:30 PST) as we liveblogged this year’s E3 conferences! You can follow our reactions to the releases and our special E3 deals here on the blog or across our facebook and twitter accounts (using the #zavvie3 hashtag). You can see highlights of the streams of all of the conferences right here, using the player below. We’d love to hear your opinions of this year’s show, so don’t hesitate from tweeting us or commenting on our many E3 articles.

We will be posting up even more E3 content throughout the week, so stay tuned.

The conference times were as follows: Microsoft – 5:30 PM GMT, EA – 8:00 PM GMT, Ubisoft – 11:00 PM GMT, Sony – 2:00 AM GMT.

Remember: you don’t need to refresh! updates should pop through as and when they go live. If you do refresh it might take a few seconds for all the updates to pull through.


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