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Because it’s not out for another year at least, updates on the Wii U’s upcoming software roster have been a little thin on the ground at E3 so far.  Here is what has been confirmed so far…

Lego City Stories – a brand new Lego game, exclusively for Nintendo Wii U. It looks like it’s going to feature characters like policemen, fireman and constuctions workers, and will be completely open-world. Grand Theft Lego anyone?

A new Smash Brothers game – this provoked easily the biggest cheer of the day from the crowd

New Super Mario Brothers Mii – resembling the New Super Mario Brothers game on the Wii, but featuring Miis.

A new Wii Sports title – showing easily the most creative usage of the Wii U’s functions so far, this looked frankly amazing. The title? Still to be confirmed, but we’d put a fiver on Wii U Sports

Darksiders 2 – a port (presumably) of THQ’s upcoming next-gen sequel

Batman: Arkham City – as above

Ghost Recon: Online – as above

Aliens: Colonial Marines – as above

Metro 2033: Last Light – as above

Dirt – a new racer from Codemasters, although it was unclear whether it will be a port or an entirely new game

Tekken – This looks like an entirely new game, and it utilises the Wii U’s touch screen so that you can doctor your characters

Ninja Gaiden 3 – This provoked the second biggest cheer of the show

More info and hands-on impressions on Nintendo’s Wii U to follow…

Watch some of the world’s biggest videogame creators discuss Wii U here:

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