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EA’s conference went live at 8:00 PM GMT, with a focus on it’s upcoming titles. Whilst we didn’t get to see a great deal of new content, there were some tantalizing hints dropped about new IPs and old ones alike. Take a look at our brief roundup below:

  • EA and DICE showed us a brief glimpse of Star Wars Battlefront with a morsel of a developer diary, with more footage promised in spring 2015.
  • Next was The Sims 4, where we were told about “Sims with real personalities”, and that in the new game , along with being able to control the bodies and minds of out Sims, we’ll also be able to control their hearts. Ea also showed off the new Create-a-Sim mode as well as how the new “personalities drive behavior creating richer stories”.
  • The we got to see some more of the upcoming UFC 14 game, including a lengthy monologue from Bruce Lee, who will be a playable character in the game. He has been included because according to EA, “mixed martial arts begins at Bruce Lee”
  • NHL 15 was up next, where they claimed you will be able to create amazing highlight reel goals. it will also include better toughness and unpredictability from the game’s new physics and with the most detailed arenas ever built.
  • Criterion announced a new IP without telling us much. what they did say it will include atv’s, helicopters, boats and more, encouraging you to experiment with various combinations of vehicles. It has been influenced by youtube action videos and will be presented like first person video. It is apparently the biggest game criterion has ever made.
  • This was followed up by Madden NFL 15 which will have more defensive control, new defensive cameras, more control against blocks, redesigned open field tackling and new player emotions.
  • Dawngate was a new MOBA anounced, and will build on the classic MOBA framework with a more flexible metagame. Any character will be playable in any position.
  • Next up was Mirrors Edge 2 which will be building on the first mirrors edge and they will be trying to make the game playable and enjoyable for everyone.  It will be redefining the role of the runners for more varied gameplay.
  • In FIFA 15 players will now have memmories, and the game will include new responsiveness with skill moves, better ball physics and better crowds and stadiums.
  • Last up was Battlefield Hardline which will launch October 21st. It will be about cops and criminals, and the classic battle between good vs bad. It will have a better story campaign like a crime drama. The battlefield beta is available at battlefield.com for pc on PS4 now.

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