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EA’s E3 conference stream has brought together a collection of games that everyone can be excited about. Whether you love your sports games, first person shooters, or lesser known diamonds in the rough, EA revealed them all in their hour of E3 prime time. Weathering quite a few highs and lows in the recent months, this renowned company turned it all around with their E3 conference earlier tonight.

With the help of some famous faces such as the rapper Drake, Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul, and even Bruce Buffer, the Voice of UFC, EA announced their games with the support and enthusiasm of popular culture’s much loved people. Though some games weren’t given as much attention as others during EA’s hour, the teasers for them were enough to send the crowd wild, as well as make the internet explode. The games that EA announced are as follows:

Battlefield 4, Plants vs Zombies 2, Peggle 2, TitanFall, Star Wars: Battlefront, Need For Speed: Rivals, Dragon Age: Inquisition, NBA Live 14, NFL 25, FIFA 14, UFC 14, and Mirror’s Edge 2.

Showcasing some major releases that everyone was expecting, and also some lesser known games that only die-hard fans saw coming, EA’s now offering a wide range of games where there’s something for everyone.


View all of the announced titles here:  http://www.zavvi.com/offers/e3.list

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