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Check out all of our coverage from E3 by taking a peek at our E3 Liveblog.

Last of tonight’s conferences was Sony’s, and boy-oh-boy did the leave the best till last. Not only did they knock it out of the park last night, Sony invented a whole new ballgame. Again. At the second E3 in the row. Every flickering flame from Sony’s conference elicited audible fields of excitement and anticipation. Every trailer put all the other conferences at the back of the room, patting them politely on the head and congratulating them on their lovely little drawing before unveiling masterpiece after masterpiece.

Check out our highlights from the Sony conference below!

  • The opening trailer of the evening was the enigmatic, hyper-cinematic opening for Destiny, the FPS I have been most looking forward to on these next-generation consoles. Andrew House, Sony Group CEO, called it the embodiment of Sony’s vision, and that it will help define the next generation of games. You will be able to play first on Playstation 4, with it releasing on July 17th. The first-look alpha live on Thursday here . It will also come bundle with limited edition white PS4. Launch day will come with exclusive add-ons just for PS4 and an exclusive strike on mars (a co-op boss battle.) It will be bigger, better and deeper on PS4.
  • After that behemoth of gaming news, Sony dropped a new The Order: 1886 trailer on us, giving us full view of the new werewolf like enemies and their iconoclastic British pronunciation of the word Swine.

  • This was followed by the much more serene trailer for Entwined. You will control a character with each analogue stick, aim to bring each character together to create an incredible dragon. Described as ‘a beautiful mesmerizing experience.’ It is available tonight on PSN.
  • New inFAMOUS: Second Son standalone DLC was then released called First Light by Suckerpunch. If you already own the base game, you will unlock limited extras from the DLC, but the DLC is available as a standalone experience.
  • LittleBigPlanet 3 for ps4. Sackboy returns with ‘more depth than ever before’ and a variety of new differentiated friends for Sackboy to work with. Co-operation between the new characters seems key, and the joyous live gameplay footage exposed the delirious fun possible in this series of games. You will be able to play any levels created for the previous two games.

  • Bloodborne from From Software, developers of Dark Souls. The game looked to be sheer, magnificent, brutal awesomeness. With a steam-punk looking update on the Dark Souls aesthetic, all we were shown was that it was coming out 2015.
  • We were then treated to another trailer for Far Cry 4, detailing the new country you will be playing in with some first-person gameplay footage. The game looked to have minimal to little UI, something I personally love in games. It also documented some brutal multiplayer gunfights.
  • Dead Island 2 launched with a frankly hilarious trailer with a 30 day beta announced for later in the year. There are no words. check it out below.
  • This was followed by another sweet trailer for Battlefield Hardline, featuring explosions, more explosions, and then, well, even more explosions.
  • Then there was a Paradox interactive trailer, that was a genuinely mental, funny trailer for Magicka 2.
  • Double Fine will be remastering Grim Fandango (OH MY GOD YES) for PS4 and Vita. As well as an infinity of other great indie games like Broforce, Hotline Miami 2, Titan Souls and many, many more.
  • This was followed by the follow-up to Journey, a world-premiere of ABZU by Giant Squid Games.
  • One of the last games showed by Sony was No Man’s Sky which looked, frankly amazing. A science fiction game which showcased the ability to explore a procedural, infinite shared universe that everyone can share. Everyone will start on their own planet. every player will discover a little more. You could launch from one planet into a sky battle before landing seamlessly on another.
  • They also talked about hardware and peripherals, including the PlayStation Camera and Project Morpheus, Sony’s rival to the Oculus Rift.
  • Sony continued to pummel us all into submission by also announcing Uncharted 4, new trailers for Batman: Arkham Knight, a PS4 version of GTA V, Sony TV and so much more! What a way to round off the conference! Stay tuned throughout the week as we continue to go through the aftermath of Sony’s earth shattering announcements.

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