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Although the Wii U was what everyone’s attention was focused on yesterday, a very large part of Nintendo’s E3 presentation focused on the 25th anniversary of their much-adored Legend of Zelda series. Here are five of our favourite Zelda-related announcements from the show…

5. A full orchestra is going to be touring the world in the autumn, performing concerts based on music from the Zelda series. A CD of these concerts will appear at around the same time as Skyward Sword.

4. As of yesterday evening, the classic Gameboy Colour game Link’s Awakening is available to buy worldwide from the 3DS store.

3. Link’s upcoming Wii adventure Skyward Sword is going to be released as a special edition, featuring a golden Wii MotionPlus controller. It’s also due for release in time for Christmas this year.

2. The 3DS version of Zelda’s greatest adventure – Ocarina of Time – is due for release next week. The game features a better frame-rate, enhanced visuals and two new modes; boss challenge and a Master Quest mirror mode.

1. At some point later this year – around September  – Nintendo DSi users will be able to download the classic four player co-op game Zelda: Four Swords from the DSi store, absolutely free.

Watch the Zelda 3DS: Ocarina of Time trailer here:

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