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Ubisoft’s conference at this year’s E3 was, by all accounts, a belter. From first frame of the first trailer to last echo of the audience’s applause, we were treated to what can only be called the definition of  ‘spectacle’. Opening with the first few Minutes of Far Cry 4 and then following it up with a plethora of thrilling, tantalizing snippets of their upcoming release schedule, Ubisoft really nailed it this year.

As waves of excitement wash their way across the various coasts of social media, here’s the rundown of what we picked up from this year’s Ubisoft conference:

  • Far Cry 4 kicked things off, with our introduction to this edition’s big scary villain. Much like the latest bond films, Ubisoft clearly knows that a great villain makes a great franchise. Check out Pagan Min below:

  • Just Dance 2015 was presented to us next. Designed to help us “break out of our living room”, the executive producer told us that it will be a cross platform game that will allow you to play against people across multiple devices latency free. This a bold claim and could have a big impact on the future of cross-platform multiplayer. We were then treated to a flash dance. Which was… interesting.
  • Then, after Just Dance, we got to see a lot more of Tom Clancy’s The Division. This included a truly epic trailer (below) which revealed you, as a player, are tasked with rescuing new York from a pandemic. It finished with the tagline “Tragedy is invisible, people turn away from it.”

  • The it was the turn of The Crew, the “expansive coast-to-coast open world driving” game the question after seeing the Forza Horizon 2 trailer was will it look as impressive? The answer was a resounding: HELL YES. the crew will launch November 11.

  • We also got to see a bit more of Assassin’s Creed: Unity, including a kick-ass section of gameplay. Creative director Alex Amancio introduced the game and it looks like the combat of the AC games will finally live up to the cinematics and historical detail. It was described as being about forging your own unique path in the ‘systemic open world’.
  • Then we got to see Shape Up, a nigh on indescribable and frankly amazing looking fitness game exclusive for Xbox One. You have to see it to believe it:
  • Finally, we were blown out of the water by the return of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Siege, the gameplay trailer of which has been the highlight of E3 (so far). A truly magnificent series looks like it is about to get a worthy successor. Words can’t describe it, so check it out below:


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