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If you’ve wasted as much money as me on Blizzard’s online collectable trading card game Hearthstone: Heroes of the Storm, then make sure join in with the Hearthstone tournament going on at EGX Rezzed this weekend – if you’re going, of course.

Broadcast across 16 screens for the duration of the show, on from Friday to Sunday this weekend, the tournament won’t be a straight knockout. Instead organisers blizzard and the ESL have come up with three new formats: The first will be a straightforward race to win against the AI on hard mode.

The second will be a deck building competition where “entrants will be rewarded for the most original deck with the most potential as judged by event staff.”

The third and final event will be called “For Threedom!” where entrants will only be allowed to use decks consisting of cards worth 3 mana or less.

I will be entering at least one of the tournaments on Saturday, and probably all three if I’m allowed, so if you’re going you should join in and test your skills!

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