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Today we see a number of fantastic DVD’s and Blu-rays being released with great expectation in the run up to the holiday period. Any one of these items would make a fantastic Christmas gift for a loved one and would take pride of place in any Blu-ray or DVD collection. Released today is;

  • Pacific Rim (DVD and Blu-ray),
  • The Great Gatsby 3D
  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Extended Edition
  • Monsters University DVD and Blu-ray
  • Twelve Monkeys – Zavvi Exclusive Limited Edition Steelbook
  • The Game – Zavvi Exclusive Limited Edition Steelbook
  • Downton Abbey – Series 1-4 DVD and Blu-ray
  • Iron Man 1-3 DVD.

Pacific Rim on DVD and Blu-ray.


This blockbuster contains some awesome CGI and visuals, compelling acting and a great soundtrack. Pacific Rim reminds me very much of Transformers meets Cloverfield in this futuristic high octane thrill ride.

Leviathans (Kaiju) from the deep, rise from the ocean to consume mankind’s resources. The Kaiju, as they are known have met their match in the Jaegers (Jaeger happens to be a German term for “Hunter” or “Warrior”). Jaegers are giant robots that are charged with the responsibility of bringing down the Kaiju. With the average size of a Jaeger being the size of a sky scrapper, there is plenty of scope for the destruction of cars, houses, cities and much more!

The Great Gatsby 3D – Limited Edition Steelbook.

The Great Gatsby2

Having watched ‘The Great Gatsby’ this weekend I was impressed with the way that Luhrmann shot the film in the way that he knows how. He’s come a long way since Strictly Ballroom and hasn’t lost any of the ‘campness’ of his movie making ability. Luhrmann alludes to a 1920’s backdrop and romanticises this period in much the same way that F. Scott Fitzgerald does in his original book. The first 25 minutes of the film is arguably a little fractured and confusing, that said, if you stick with it I promise you will develop a genuine interest in the story. Art nouveau and the nouveau riche are central to this story of desire and ‘The Power Mad’. It’s definitely a story about power, lust, philandering, decadence and living the American Dream. Leonardo DiCaprio is perfectly cast as Gatsby as is Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Extended Edition – Limited Edition Steelbook.


The Hobbit ‘An Unexpected Journey’ is the prequel to the main Lord Of The Rings Trilogy that was
released in 2004. The Hobbit is intended more as a children’s book rather than a fully fledged battle
between good and evil. However this doesn’t detract from any of its allure as a literary classic.

The list of extra features is extensive and the extended version is allegedly 15 minutes longer than the original version, offering the even the most ardent Tolkien fan the opportunity to immerse themselves even further into the world of middle earth. The special features include an Introduction by Peter Jackson, The Songs of the Hobbit and a whole array of mini-features and bonus materials.

Monsters University DVD and Blu-ray.


The popularity of Monsters University has almost over shadowed that of Monsters Inc. The release of Monsters University has seen an explosion of interest and sales across the country with the release of this DVD and Blu-ray. The Monsters University website http://monstersuniversity.com/edu/admission.html is currently accepting admissions for students whom are searching for a holistic training in the scaring arts.



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