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Game Spotlight: Saints Row IV


Saints Row IV is the eagerly anticipated open world action and adventure game, developed by Voilition Inc. and published by Deep Silver. This game is the fourth instalment in the legendary Saints Row series, as well as the direct sequel to Saints Row: The Third, which was released in 2011.

Set five years after the end of Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row IV returns you back to the fictional city of Steelport, featuring a new look of retro-futuristic dystopia, where the leader of the Third Street Saints has been elected as President. The mania has even begun yet though, as Steelport is soon invaded by aliens! It’s time for you and the Saints to take on a new threat, as you are all kidnapped by aliens known as the Zin, and their leader Zinyak.

Fight your way through the virtual version of Steelport that the Zin dump you in, where you’ve miraculously gained super powers! Take advantage of these new found powers, and pit them against the Zin empire as you fight for Steelport, and for freedom!


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