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Like another piece of fresh cutting edge tech unveiled earlier this year (Nintendo’s wondrous 3DS) the hugely impressive nature of Sony’s Playstation Move is hard to properly describe. Although there are some very easy comparisons to be made with Nintendo’s Wii console, Playstation Move’s one-to-one motion control simply has to be experienced first hand. The Sony representative who was on hand to demo the unit kept encouraging us to try to catch it out or cause it to lag, and despite numerous attempts, this is something that we were never able to achieve.

But, as with the 3DS, the only way to get a good idea of just how thoroughly remarkable the Playstation Move is in practice, is simply to find a way to get some hands-on time for yourself. We were lucky enough to get some hands-on time of our own, and managed to get a good look at a small selection of the most anticipated Move-compatible games due for release between now and the end of the year.

Sports Champions

Release Date: 17th September

A sports compendium was always destined to be a bit of a no-brainer for the Playstation Move’s launch, and (as expected) it features the technology functioning in all its glory. All of the games are excellent (although the horrendously addictive Archery game warrants a special mention) but Table Tennis is probably the one that’ll keep players coming back for the longest: because the Playstation Eye camera knows where you are in the room as well as how powerful your swings are, it feels uncannily close to the real thing. Brilliantly, although several of the games allow for two Move controllers to be used at once, all of them are optimised for players who only have access to one.

The Shoot

Release Date: 17th September

Another no-brainer, and a game that is looking like one of the most purely enjoyable launch titles for the unit. It’s an old fashioned (albeit pinpoint accurate) light-gun game bolstered by combos, powerful special attacks and a neat, well-honed film-set concept. It’s instantly accessible and thoroughly light-hearted, and the complete lack of actual violence (you’re only facing off against a parade of cardboard cut-outs rather than real people) makes for some utterly perfect family entertainment.

Start The Party

Release Date: 17th September

Featuring over 20 rambunctious mini-games, Start The Party is just about as amusing as a game of its kind can be. The glowing orb that sits at the top of the Move controller allows the Playstation Eye to turn the unit into absolutely anything, and seeing yourself wielding a giant hammer, magnifying glass or toothbrush never ceases to impress and amuse. You can also record your own intro soundbite and take your own avatar picture, and if you gain too much of a lead in a multiplayer game, your opponents are given the chance to alter or mess around with either of these, which is a recipe for high comedy regardless of your age.

The Fight: Lights Out

Release Date: October TBA

Although it was a very early build of a game that isn’t finished yet, our short time with The Fight: Lights Out convinced us that it could be the one game that assures all of the hardcore sceptics that Playstation Move represents an essential purchase. In addition to the faultless 1-to-1 motion control, the Playstation Eye camera also responds to your head movements, allowing your character to bob and dodge incoming attacks. It actually feels like you’re engaged in a real fight, so although this definitely isn’t one for younger players, adult gamers should definitely keep an eye on it. It could be a classic.

Watch the Playstation Move trailer video here…

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