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It always provokes a mixture of emotions when a big, hugely anticipated videogame has its release date postponed. It’s irritating solely because it involves yet more waiting, but everyone’s patience is almost always well served in these situations, because delays usually mean that everything is being endlessly polished and improved. From GTA IV to Twilight Princess, a lengthy release delay is, more often than not, a marker of exorbitant quality. In the words of the estimable Shigeru Miyamoto, “A delayed game is eventually good; a bad game is bad forever.”

THQ’s Homefront – much like EA’s Crysis 2, which was also recently delayed – was already looking positively jaw-dropping when the first gameplay footage was revealed several months ago, so the idea that refinements and improvements are taking place can only assist in building on its already muscular reputation. Written by legendary Hollywood scribe John Milius (who was responsible for Dirty Harry, Big Wednesday and Apocalypse Now to name just three) Homefront is a dark fantasy set in 2027, in which America has been occupied by the North Korean military.

So far, all of the footage that has been revealed has showcased the single player campaign’s heavy emphasis on the cinematic side of things; all punchy dialogue and brilliantly scripted action set-pieces, topped off with what appears to be some truly peerless sound design. It looks mature, serious and desperately exciting, but as is now the norm for a title of this nature, the single player campaign only represents half of the package.

The mouthwatering new multiplayer trailer – which you can view below – was crafted solely from footage taken during a live 32-person multiplayer match. The eye-popping visual pyrotechnics that have always been synonymous with this title remain as bombastically impressive as ever, but observing the gameplay – which looks to focus on team tactics above mindless gunplay – looks promising in the extreme. Homefront is currently due for release on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC in March 2011, and that date truly can’t come soon enough.

Watch the new Homefront multiplayer trailer here:

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