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It’s been nearly two months since E3 2015 and to prevent ourselves from exploding in anticipation, we’ve narrowed down our excitement towards the entire PS4 upcoming release calendar to some of the best titles that are on their way. Here is our current top 5…

Until Dawn

Until Dawn

You’re faced with two corridors – one looks well lit, safe and perfectly normal, the other is pitch black and has a pair red eyes staring out at you. Of course, in a horror film you have no choice but to take the second path to your inevitable death, but in Until Dawn your fate is finally in your own hands. (Though we’ll probably still take the dodgy path anyway – just for fun.) This unpredictable survival horror game pans out like a ‘Choose your own adventure’ story – which means it’s entirely your own fault if a psychopathic murderer catches you! We’re expecting thrill levels to match, if not beat, that of Alien: Isolation in this exclusive title for the Sony PlayStation 4.

Available from 28th August. Pre-order today on Zavvi!



BURNABY, BC: APRIL 7, 2015 - The USA Women’s Soccer Team visits the EA MOCAP facility at EA Canada in Burnaby, BC April 7, 2015 in Vancouver, Canada.  Photo by Jeff Vinnick/EA

Each year FIFA keeps coming back bigger and better, with a focus on improving and adding to what’s come before as opposed to starting from scratch, and we’re expecting nothing less this year. This year’s improvements include the new Draft mode coming to FIFA Ultimate Team (which allows you to experience play with some of the game’s top names without the usual time commitments), being able to play as Women’s International teams as well as more creative options and dynamic moves for your players in general.

Available from 24th September. Pre-order today on Zavvi!


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Assassins Creed Syndicate 02

Whatever historical excitement we had for the location of Assassin’s Creed Unity has now tripled for the arrival of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate to our home country capital; London, during the Industrial Revolution . Expect serious (but seamless) transport upgrades in the form of buses, trains and carriages, getting up close and personal with fist fights with cockney geezers and being able to play as two distinct characters: Jacob and Evie Frye. We look forward to seeing the (hopefully)  unique play styles of these characters and testing out the PS4 Exclusive content for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate with the ‘Dreadful Crime’ missions.

Available from 23rd October. Pre-order today on Zavvi!


Fallout 4

Fall out 4 vault

We’ve been waiting for a new Fallout game for too long! But it’ll be worth the wait with it’s vastly improved graphics, (hopefully) fewer bugs thanks to moving away from the Gamebryo engine, a huge open world with over 400 hours of content to explore and a new post-apocalyptic story line to get stuck into after emerging from Vault 111. The advanced crafting system which implements every lootable object in the game opens the way for in depth customization on every level, and similarly the flexibility of play style means you can join other factions, go it alone, or even remain a complete pacifist across the game’s main storyline. Bethesda have done a very good job keeping footage under wraps so far, and there have been accusations of plagiarism from Fallout 3, but from what we’ve seen we’re already on board for Fallout 4.

Available from 10th November. Pre-order today on Zavvi!


Star Wars Battlefront

Star wars

The Star Wars game that we’ve all been waiting for, the Star Wars Battlefront reboot will allow fans to interact with and play as some of most memorable characters from the original trilogy including Darth Vader and Boba Fett – the perfect atmospheric warm up for the release of The Force Awakens. We’re less bothered by the single player campaign here and just keen to get stuck into the epic online versus multiplayer mode and re-enact those infamous battle scenes with friends. And don’t forget that you can get your hands on the best Star Wars content first with the PS4!

Available from 20th November. Pre-order today on Zavvi!

In theory these games will see us through until at least December but if you’d like to check out the full range of upcoming releases for PlayStation 4 then click here. Which titles are you most excited for on the PS4? Let us know in the comments below.

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