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For some, it came out of nowhere. For others, it has taken forever to arrive. But anyone who isn’t excited for this Friday’s release of SEGA’s latest (and greatest?) videogame should probably double check that they actually have a pulse. Directed by the legendary Shinji Mikami – the man behind such stone-cold classics as Resident Evil 4 and God Hand – Vanquish is already earning plaudits from critics around the world as one of the finest games in its genre. Ever.

It’s a typically off-the-wall project for the director – primarily because cover-based shooters are pretty much an exclusively western phenomenon – but not only does it look accessible, it also looks like nothing else. The blending of Mikami’s oddball world view with one of the most popular gaming genres may have seemed like an incompatible mix, until you see the thing running in all of its mental glory. It’s looking like the kind of property than anyone who’s serious about gaming is going to need to get their hands on immediately.

Vanquish is due for release this Friday 22nd October, for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The limited edition version of the game – which comes with a highly collectible figurine – is exclusive to zavvi.com.

Watch the latest Vanquish trailer here:

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