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Although the buzz surrounding Homefront’s single-player campaign is already in full swing – we’ve played through the opening hour-or-so and were deeply impressed by how cinematic and involving it was – nowhere near as much info is yet known about the all-important multiplayer component. The video clip below offers up some tantalising details however. One new dynamic revealed in it – that the earning of XP results in new weaponry and access to vehicles – is so inspired that you have to wonder why nobody has thought of implementing it before. And the fact that you can purchase immediate access to that new equipment completely on the fly – without having to perish in order to switch to a different loadout – is another stroke of absolute genius.

Whether these things all serve to make Homefront the new king of multiplayer shooters remains to be seen; but it has to be said that things are looking rather peachy at this point. Check back here for a full review of Homefront in the run-up to its release. Our campaign hands-on preview can still be found here.

Homefront is due for release on 18th March 2011 on PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3.

Watch the Homefront ‘Large Scale Warfare’ trailer here:

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