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Nordic Games’ We Sing series has really gotten into its stride recently. The superb first game (released back in 2009) was followed up with the near-perfect We Sing Encore earlier this year. That was a game that took everything that the first title did, but in a much more refined and comprehensive fashion, with some excellent new modes and a generally more polished and confident sense of presentation. Games of similar ilk that were available on other home consoles may have been able to offer high definition visuals, but almost none of them were as user-friendly, or as accessible and entertaining, as We Sing: Encore was.

We Sing: Robbie Williams obviously isn’t a fully-fledged sequel in the traditional sense, but it contains all of the same modes and little flourishes that made it so memorable, and includes a small selection of excellent new ones to boot. The best of these are aimed squarely at Robbie’s biggest fans, and include neat little introductions to some of the newer modes from the man himself, whose voice appears in-game alongside his very own Mii character. There is also some terrific content to unlock, like photo galleries and video clips taken from Robbie’s record-breaking gigs that took place at Knebworth in 2003.

All of We Sing: Encore’s best modes make a return, including Jukebox – where you can create your own video playlist and string your favourite tracks together back-to-back – Chart mode – which logs you and your friend’s best high scores on each song – and Singing Lessons, which are brilliantly simple little tips and tutorials that show you how to get the best out of your singing voice. There’s also a replay mode, so you can re-live your greatest (or just downright funniest) performances immediately after each song, and are free to add amusing special effects (like Robot, Weird, and Cathedral) into the mix if that takes your fancy.

If there’s one very minor quibble it’s that the full (notorious) uncut version of the Rock DJ video isn’t included, but then again it would be a trifle difficult to concentrate on the gameplay if you were subjected to Robbie suddenly turning himself into a character from Hellraiser. It also would have meant that younger children wouldn’t have been able to join in, and that would be a massive shame, because the Wii Sing games are very effective at instantly roping in any innocent passers-by, and this one is no exception.

Anyone who walks in on a game that’s already in full swing just needs to simply pick up a microphone and shake it, and they’ll be thrown straight into the action without having to do anything else. You’re welcomed in even if you’re not the competitive type, as you can switch off the score tracker and just play regular straight-up karaoke, and We Sing is still one of the only singing games that allows four people to play together at once, making for easily the most authentic karaoke experience on the market.

So although We Sing: Robbie Williams has clearly been made with hardcore Robbie fans in mind, indifferent music lovers definitely shouldn’t be put off either. Some of the songs – particularly Angels, obviously – are so well-known that everyone is invited to jump straight in on a whim, and in the kind of environment that these games can’t help but create, they’re certain to. It’s a party game in the best sense of the word, and it’s infectious, slick and filled to the brim will loads of excellent extras. It’s a great place for fans to enjoy Robbie Williams’ music, and an even better place to showcase it for the uninitiated.

Watch the Wii Sing: Robbie Williams trailer here:

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