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The Film: A depressed hitman on a job in his hometown gets dragged into going to his high school reunion – it’s a premise that could either end up as the cheesiest b-movie of all time or a cult classic. Thankfully, with John Cusack giving a hilarious and characteristically po-faced performance as the aforementioned crestfallen killer, the film transcends its ‘one-joke’ plot and ends up sketching out one of the quirkiest dark romantic comedies of the 90s.

Also featuring a soundtrack by punk legend Joe Strummer, and strong supporting appearances – especially from Minnie Driver and Dan Aykroyd, the film currently holds a 79% ‘Fresh’ rating on ratings site Rotten Tomatoes with Film4 Critic Daniel Etherington calling it “One of the true delights of 1990s American cinema.”

The Director: Grosse Pointe Blank was directed by American director George Armitage, and is perhaps his best-known film. He also directed the Alec Baldwin action-thriller Miami Blues.

You’ll like this if: you’re looking for a Cusack movie with a tone somewhere in-between Broadway Danny Rose and Say Anything. Likewise, fans of equally smart, kooky late 80s / early 90s comedies like Heathers, or even Clueless, should be able to get into Grosse Pointe Blank.


 Grosse Pointe Blank Steelbook Trailer


Grosse Pointe Blank Steelbook Case

Grosse Pointe Blank Steelbook Embossing & Debossing

Above is the detail for embossing and debossing for the Grosse Pointe Blank Steelbook. The orange sections represent where the case is debossed, and the pink sections are where the case is embossed.


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