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Halo 4 Spartan Ops: Season One Returns!

Following the aftermath of Halo 4, the fastest selling  Halo title released on the Xbox 360 to date, Microsoft and 343 Industries have announced the return of Spartan Ops: Season One! Starting from today and lasting until 24th February, Halo 4 players can enjoy five weeks of brand new episodic content with episodes 6-10, and join in the continuing adventures of the UNSC Infinity. As with the first half of Spartan Ops, all of these upcoming episodes will be free to all Halo 4 owners who also have Xbox LIVE Gold memberships.

The five episodes will début weekly from January 21st to February 24th, and have you rejoining Fireteam Crimson on the planet Requiem, as you continue your search for Spartan Thorne. Encounter the threat of Jul ‘Mdama and his Covenant separists cult and venture out from Requiem to take the battle to other locations, requiring finely honed vehicular combat skills and being prepared for any run ins with Prometheans and Covenant forces.

Every week with Halo 4, you will have the opportunity to join in a cinematic episode and fight alongside your friends in five intense and action packed adventures. The first half of Spartan Ops: Season One (episodes 1-5) is available to play at any time in Halo 4, so if you’re new to Spartan Ops then you have the opportunity to get to grips and catch up with the story and action.

See official Spartan Ops: Season One (episodes 6-10) screenshots below:








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