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The Film: Jurassic World needs no introduction. It has achieved the highest opening weekend of all time, overcoming the disappointment of the last two films. Personally I was very sceptical of the new instalment and while few would argue it’s as good as the original (an impossibly nostalgic Spielbergian standard), it has lived up to its colossal expectations.

The emphasis on new animatronic creations adds an extra degree of credibility to both the close-up shots and human acting. The film goes beyond just an action thriller. It explores new areas, such as corporate responsibility, military application and ultimately man’s place in the world, which all work to develop a greater sense of realism. Indeed, glimpses of the ‘petting zoo’ and a SeaWorld-esque mosasaur tank in a backdrop of Starbucks cafés add a sense of déjà vu and credibility. This leaves the viewer feeling amazed and astonished, which is an effect that was previously achieved in Jurassic Park and made it such a big hit.

Jurassic World sticks to the effective formula of chaos from order, which slowly builds suspense as the inevitable occurs. The film keeps a similar demographic of lead characters; from annoying children, to hopeless park operators and God-playing directors, who are all protected by the new alpha dinosaur man, convincingly played by Chris Pratt. Even the dinosaurs are classic (though visually stunning) with the artistic license ignoring the palaeontological evidence of feathered dinosaurs, which wouldn’t strike quite the same terror or indeed nostalgia of the current raptors. The raptor calls alone bring back childhood memories of the terrifying kitchen scene.

The Director: Colin Trevorrow, a relative new comer to the film industry, was 17 when Jurassic Park was released 22 summers ago. The film clearly made a big impression on his co-writing and directing, as Jurassic World stays very true to the original. This is only his second major film after the cult comedy Safety Not Guaranteed, which won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. That comedy, based around a magazine ad for companions to go back in time, also stars Jake Johnson, who has a side-line roll as a clumsy yet loveable park operator.


Jurassic World Trailer

You’ll like this if…: You enjoyed the original 1993 Jurassic Park. There are loads of subtle and conspicuous references that pay homage to the original and keep the die-hard fans happy. Not to mention the stirring soundtrack that uses plenty of John Williams’ original themes. Yet the film goes beyond the dinosaurs (as if they aren’t enough), tackling questions of morality and corporate responsibility. The latter ironically supported by the film’s own comically blatant product placement!


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