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The extremely popular and variously controversial American website Kotaku will be launched in the UK by Future media within weeks.

The US version of the website already brings in over 1.1m UK users each and every month. Future media have said that adding Kotaku to their publishing portfolio will make it the second largest online games media firm in the uk with around behind IGN but in front of sites like Gamespot and Eurogamer.

The Head of Digital for Future, Keith Walker, told MCV “We will be going as big as we can with our launch. If we were talking about a regular launch I’d be saying ‘we anticipate traffic levels of X, Y and Z and we will get this many page views.’ We’d be generating numbers that are a bit finger in the air. With this, we know we are going to have 1.1m UK unique users in month one because we’ve had that for the last six months.”

Are you a Kotaku reader? Ar you excited or ambivalent to a UK edition? Let us know below.

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