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With the notable exception of their instrumental opus The Mix-Up from 2007, the Beastie Boys haven’t released a proper new album since To the 5 Buroughs launched back in 2003, and their latest record has a genesis that is nothing if not unusual. It’s a sequel to an album that was never actually released, and is comprised of tracks that were apparently already on that original record anyway. Regardless of its bizarre origins it is truly great to have them back, and we’re clearly not the only people who feel that way; check out the music video below if you fancy playing a very enjoyable game of spot the celeb…

You can stream the new album in its entirety right now by clicking here.

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two by The Beastie Boys is released on Monday May 2nd 2011.

Watch the video for Make Some Noise by the Beastie Boys here:

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