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If you’re stuck at work today or don’t have access to a nippy internet connection, check back here from 3pm today (GMT) to pick up on all of the juiciest info that’s unveiled at EA’s presentation at the Gamescom conference in Cologne, Germany. If you’re able, you can stream the conference live by following this link. Otherwise, we’ll be updating this post every minute or two with any interesting tidbits of information; so keep refreshing the page if you want to stay up-to-date. New details about Battlefield 3, FIFA 12 and Star Wars: The Old Republic have all been promised.


15:02: The standard lightning-paced opening video commences, replete with rock-tinged teckno. No surprises yet.

15:04: Apparently this year’s EA show has already set an attendance record.

15:05: A brand new game is coming from EA Sports, and it’s… something football-related

15:07: It’s an all-new FIFA Street game. Due out next year.

15:08: Video footage of non-celebrity footballers doing motion-capture… there will be twice as many skill moves in the new FIFA Street as there will be in FIFA 12, apparently.

15:10 World premiere of the first gameplay trailer. The final title appears to be simply: FIFA Street.

15:12 The climax of that trailer blends seamlessly into another for Need For Speed: The Run.

15:13: There is going to be more than 300km of road in the game. There is a live demo of a section of the game called, “Independant’s Pass”

15:15: It’s a one-on-one race across the side of a snowy mountain; replete with multiple avalanches. Ridiculous, but it looks as fun as you’d expect.

15:17: The European November 18th release date is confirmed

15:19: Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes is announced; a free-to-play PC game focused on PvP combat. A brief trailer is shown. It looks somewhat like World of Warcraft.

15:21 Star Wars: The Old Republic is up. They’re promising that it’ll set a new benchmark for how ‘ready’ the game is at launch. A gameplay trailer is shown, but it’s in German…

15:22: “MMO’s will be forever changed in the wake of The Old Republic”

15:23: Operations – which are the Old Republic’s version of Raids – are playable for up to 16 players simultaneously. A live gameplay demo shows eight screens playing simultaneously. Co-op is clearly paramount.

15:28: Some more gameplay footage. It does look pretty polished for an MMO

15:29: Mass Effect 3 time: “It’s deeper, it’s bigger, it’s more challenging”

15:30: A release date set in stone…. March 9th 2012 in Europe. This announcement is followed by the world premiere of a new trailer called ‘Squad Leader’… it looks great, although nothing new is featured in it. Combat definitely looks faster and more fluid

15:33: SSX. “We are going to revolutionise social competition. There will be no online lobbies…”

15:34: A new “Explore” mode is an open-world system that’ll feature in the new SSX; it seems to work in a similar way to how Burnout: Paradise’s world functioned. Facebook integration will feature, and ongoing online competitions will allow you to compete in multiple events at once. You can also customise events for your friends. ‘Ridernet’ is going to be SSX’s version of Need for Speed’s Autolog system

15:37: It’s due for release in January 2012. A noisy new trailer premieres. Looks pretty terrific. A new SSX game is long overdue

15:40: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is very enthusiastically introduced.

15:42 “Very enthusiastically” is a bit of an understatement. Bits of this spiel might be on Youtube later

15:43: A Feburary 10th 2012 release date is set in stone. New trailer shown. It looks a little bit like Fable 2

15:45 The Secret World is up. A new PvP MMO that is going to have no classes and no levels. On August 26th you can register to take part in the beta. It’s due for release in April on PC

15:47: The first ever showing of the first trailer. Stylistically, there are elements of Fallout, The Matrix and Left 4 Dead. No gameplay is shown

15:49: FIFA 12 appears. David Rutter (FIFA’s line producer) appears on the stage. “The biggest revolution that the franchise has ever seen”

15:50: Much of this FIFA 12 info has already been announced, you can read about most of it by clicking here

15:52: The FIFA 12 downloadable demo launches on September 13th. New trailer shown. Looks great.

15:55: Battlefield 3 time. “Battlefield 3 is the most authentic warfare game this year”

15:57: Andy McNab is writing the tie-in novel.

15:58: Brand new feature: co-op mode!

15:59: Live gameplay video of the co-op mode. The awkward dialogue between the participating developers can’t ruin it; it looks utterly tremendous. It’s running on Playstation 3 hardware. It isn’t clear yet if this is a separate mode or whether the single-player campaign itself is co-operative

16:01: After a rescue mission, our hosts are ambushed by a gang and a nearby vehicle is destroyed by a rooftop RPG. One of the new machine guns has a heat-vision scope, and the visuals are stunning

16:04: An ingrained news-feed program will keep you updated on what your friends are doing in Battlefield 3, in real-time

16:06: Stunning gameplay trailer featuring footage of a 64-player game of Conquest. Co-starring jets

16:08: And that’s all she wrote…



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