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It’s rare to find yourself at a gig and spend a solid 50% adoring the music and the other 50% laughing (perhaps a bit too) heartily at the on stage banter. Impressively, We Are Scientists manage to balance this wit with a sturdy canon of songs that have stood the test of fickle indie times.

Coming straight from their set at Glastonbury the night before, it felt almost a treat to watch the band in such an intimate surrounding and they seemed to flourish all the better for it. Their line up may have changed in recent years but the chemistry between lead singer Keith, and bassist Chris still remains and it is within this partnership where the band’s longevity arises. However it is not personality alone that has got them this far, as they display an impressive array of new songs coupled with debut album favourites which were performed with more gusto than anticipated by this eager crowd.

With a bassist that demanded Jager shots be brought the the stage whilst consuming a bottle of wine and still managing to seamlessly perform a track, it becomes hard to be anything other than impressed. It’s cliché to say the atmosphere was electric but its a struggle to describe the excitement in any other way. With all this in their favour, its all the more strange that WAS aren’t huge. They have always been on the brink of mainstream popularity but there is perhaps an intelligence behind their music which lacks universal appeal. The show tonight proves their ability, whilst also confirming their level of intelligence; and it shouldn’t be any other way.

Words by Hannah Clark, Same Teens

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