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On day 2 of MCM Expo Comic Con London things really started to kick off. Certainly the busiest of the three days, people flooded the halls from 9am, bringing in a contagious, energetic atmosphere. Cosplayers took their costumes to a whole new level of impressive and there were screams of encouragement for the League of Legends teams taking part in the MCM Invitational qualifier event. Gamers queued eagerly to test Assassin’s Creed Unity, Little Big Planet 3, Lego Batman 3 and many other games available here at MCM Expo to play before official release. Although it was difficult at times to fight through the crowds, there were plenty of new and exciting things to discover, so here are some personal highlights from day 2.


[su_tab title=”Product”] Young Frankenstein Zavvi MCM Expo Comic Con London

The Ultra Limited Edition Zavvi Young Frankenstein Steelbook exclusive to MCM Expo London 2014 has to be today’s product of the day. The Steelbook artwork is electrifying and its exclusivity makes it one of the only unique products to Comic Con this year. Plus, as a classic film, it’s been entertaining to have fans come to the Zavvi stall and tell our team ‘no, it’s pronounced “Fronkensteen’ when we tell them about the Steelbook.


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MCM Expo Comic Con London Princess Mononoke

This cosplaying pair dressed as Princess Mononoke and the Forest Spirit, from the eponymous film by Studio Ghibli. For having such distinctive costumes I applaud their efforts but at the same time couldn’t help but feel they’d severely underestimated the temperatures of Comic Con by choosing to wear so much fur. A twist on the classic ‘no pain, no gain’ conundrum.


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MCM Expo Comic Con London iMakr


iMakr, the world’s largest 3D printing store had a stall at MCM Expo Comic Con London. The concept and impact of this technology has been in the public consciousness for a while now but seeing a 3D printer in action was a new thing for me. The team manning the stall were extremely approachable, and immensely passionate about what they do so I spoke to Elliot Viles, Product Designer and Zbrush Artist for iMakr, about the potential of 3D printing and a few other things. He said that the coolest design he’d come up with so far was for Star Lord’s mask (Guardians of the Galaxy). I was obviously a bigger fan of the Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword, pictured above, but no surprises there.

At MCM Expo Comic Con London, iMakr were showcasing cosplay props to demonstrate just one of 3D printing’s potential uses, and how it might appeal to wider public consumption in the near future. The capabilities of 3D printing are constantly expanding as we continue to adapt and apply it to different applications and materials. Viles listed carbon fibre, copper, brick, woodfill and bronzefill as just some of the materials that can already be used as ‘ink’ in the 3D printing process. The vast majority of design files, to print everything from cosplay props to prosthetic limbs, are freely available online, so although £700 as a minimum starting price for a basic 3D printer may sound quite high out of context, if creation is your passion it’s a  reasonable price to pay for the sheer creative power that you’ll then have in your hands. [/su_tab]

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Zavvi MCM Expo Comic Con London 2014 Highlights Dark Souls II

Action RPG, Dark Souls II, came out at the start of this month and recently won Game of the Year Award. I had the chance to talk with one of the game’s developers, and off the back of this recent accolade was confident in the game’s continuing success. Destiny was set to be Dark Souls II’s biggest threat, but when gamers were finished playing Destiny, (the most expensive and highly-praised game ever made), and Dark Souls II ‘delivered (and then some)’, of course the latter became another fan favourite. It was important to developers that Dark Souls II was a real challenge for seasoned gamers, after all, the harder the task, the greater the reward. ‘When people beat our bosses, they want to hi-5 each other because they’ve really earned it, and that’s what we want.’ An intense gaming experience with an amazingly detailed medieval environment to explore, there is little doubt that Dark Souls II is worthy of both its current and future success.




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