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Unfortunately Sunday was the final day of MCM Expo Comic Con London 2014. Though generally the ExCel centre seemed quieter, you could tell that this was only because everyone in attendance was suddenly on a last-minute mission to buy everything they’ve had their eye on since Friday. The Under the Dome cast tested the alertness of their panel audience by sneaking as many ‘meow’ noises into their responses as possible, but of course, last day or not, everyone was still focused enough on making the most of Comic Con that they did notice this little prank. The Zavvi stall was stalked quite alarmingly by a convincing Alien cosplayer, and a little less terrifyingly by a Mystique who rivalled Jennifer Lawrence’s rendition on our stall’s banner. Though it’s sad that the MCM Expo Comic Con event in London is finished until May 2015, those of us already feeling nostalgic about the weekend will have plenty of game, film, comic, manga and anime releases to keep us going until next year’s event. For now, here is my final instalment of personal highlights from MCM Expo Comic Con London 2014.


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Funko Pop Vinyl Ghost 640

Although we sell a selection of Funko Pop! Vinyl figures on the Zavvi site I got carried away with final day buyer enthusiasm as much as actual Comic Con attendees and ended up walking away with a Ghost (Game of Thrones) Pop! Vinyl of my own from MCM Expo. Funko Pop! Vinyls are collectable themed figures, covering lots of different popular culture themes and franchises such as Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilms and many more. The appeal for those of us who aren’t collectors (yet) is also that they’re very cute. It’s easy to see how a singular purchase can turn into a collection, I’ve already got my eye out for Drogon next! [/su_tab]

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sharknado 640 b

Cosplay of the day was so close to going to ‘Alien‘, who visited the Zavvi stall on the final day of MCM Expo Comic Con London, that was until we spotted a Sharknado wandering the halls. Seeing one of the most hilariously bizarre film storylines embodied in cosplay form was too good a photo opportunity to pass up.  [/su_tab]

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Zavvi MCM Expo Comic Con London 2014 Highlights Interstellar Oculus

To promote Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Interstellar, at MCM Expo Comic Con London, Oculus Rift technology was brought in by Warner Brothers so that curious fans could experience aspects of the film through an incredibly immersive experience. Users sat down, strapped in, and traveled in the film’s Endurance spacecraft in zero gravity with a custom Oculus Rift DK2. This was the first time an Oculus experience like this was made available for the general public. Admittedly I didn’t manage to have a go myself as the queue was predictably very long, but with the film expected to rival Nolan’s past successes, I took the grins on Oculus Rift users faces as evidence enough that Interstellar will be well worth a cinema trip on its release date. Interstellar will be out in UK cinemas from 4th November.

Interstellar 640


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It was impossible to miss the trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, which was being played in between panels, and on screens around MCM Expo. The spine-tingling song playing in the trailer is a version of that sung by Pippin in the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King film, and turned heads towards screens across the entire weekend of Comic Con. Apparently The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies is set to culminate in an epic, 45-minute battle scene. Coming to cinemas in the UK on the 12th December, we can’t wait to see this final instalment of the middle earth saga. [/su_tab]


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