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Metro: Last Light [Limited Edition] Spotlight


Metro: Last Light is the eagerly anticipated story-driven first person shooter game published by Deep Silver, developed by 4A Games, and is the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2010 game Metro 2033. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Last Light is an action-oriented game, featuring strong elements of survival horror gameplay.

Set in the year 2034, the world as we know it is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and Last Light takes place beneath the ruins of Moscow in the tunnels of the Metro. Mankind is struggling to survive beneath the surface, even away from the dangers of the poisoned skies above, and is being picked off one by one by mutants; people and animals exposed to the poisonous gases and who now stalk the Metro’s catacombs and hunt its still human inhabitants.

The cities within the Metro are dissolving into civil war, fighting against each other for resources and the ultimate weapon; a powerful doomsday device from the military vaults of D6. When they should be uniting to defend each other from the blood thirsty mutants, humanity’s survivors are instead on the brink of destroying themselves with their desire for power.

You play as the game’s protagonist Artyom, humanity’s last hope of survival. Burdened with guilt but powered forwards by hope, you must fight against both humans and mutants alike, as you are the last light in the world’s darkest hour…






Metro: Last Light will be released 17/05/2013. Pre-order the standard edition with Zavvi now for a free upgrade to the Limited Edition, which comes with the Ranger Mode DLC!

The Ranger Mode DLC is recommended for Metro/FPS veterans, and offers the ultimate challenge for Metro: Last Light players; deadlier combat, limited resources (ammunition, etc.), increased immersion, and more. You’ll be aided with your challenge with the help of a Ranger DLC exclusive weapon: the Russian AKSU, along with an addition 100 military grade rounds so you can customise your weapons to your specifications.


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