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Discover a whole new vision of Katie Holmes in the Miss Meadows trailer, released on tuesday by E! Online. In the film, directed by Karen Leigh Hopkins, Katie plays a tap-dancing teacher with frilly gloves and socks who also carries a much darker side: a cold-blooded killer protecting children from the worst of humanity.

Miss Meadows Trailer

The trailer showcases some choice dialogue, such was when she tells her class: ‘The most important things in life are kindness and courage,’ she tells her pupils. There are bad people in the world and they shouldn’t be around the good people, especially the little ones.’

In another scene, when threatened by a suicidal man who has murdered an entire fast-food restaurant in the process of robbing it she responds: ‘That is so not an option!’ before we hear her whisper: ‘Toodle-oo!’

Check the trailer out below.

Miss Meadows Trailer

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