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When’s it out?

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is available on DVD and Blu Ray now.

Who’s in it?

Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin, Anna Kendrick, Ellen Wong.

What’s it about?

Based on the celebrated six-part graphic novel by Bryan Lee O’Malley, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World observes the titular rock star wannabe as he briskly falls head-over-heels in love with a punkish, enigmatic delivery girl named Ramona Flowers. The only thing standing between the couple are Ramona’s seven evil exes, whom Scott has no choice but to do battle with in a series of visually startling physical bouts.

What’s it like?

Nothing else. It is arguably the truest comic book adaptation ever to have graced a cinema screen, and adequately describing its pleasures isn’t altogether easy.

Star of the show?

It’s almost certainly the director, Edgar Wright. A film this busy, this overloaded with cultural references and this eager to flip its own rules and sense of logic on its head whenever the mood takes it, should have resulted in outright disaster. The fact that it holds together so brilliantly is a testament to Wright’s impeccable storytelling smarts, and despite being packed with magnificent gags, none of these ever threaten to derail the plot. Because they are the plot.

Biggest surprise?

The quality of the supporting cast, all of whom are excellent. But the two standout performances (without question) are given by two pretty-boy male leads who until now haven’t been taken entirely seriously by either critics or audiences. Ex-Superman Brandon Routh (who plays a belligerent and conflicted vegan) and Fantastic Four actor Chris Evans (an egomaniacal action movie star) are both so terrific here that it isn’t hard to imagine both of their careers skyrocketing after this.

Best bit?

Extremely hard to call, although one relatively brief comic set piece – involving Scott’s increasingly shaggy-looking haircut – is a sequence of sheer comic perfection.


Regardless of whether or not you are familiar with the source material, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is a hilarious and utterly unique piece of fluff, and fans of Edgar Wright’s wholly distinctive approach to filmmaking will inevitably see it as a work of genuine progression for the director. Many of the film’s most prominent pop-cultural references are reserved for videogames, and that is one medium that never feels the need to over-explain itself. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is as flippant, illogical and fast-paced as a great videogame. It is pure entertainment.

Hit or miss?

A hit, and a big one at that.

Watch the Scott Pilgrim trailer here….

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