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After launching their absurdly catchy debut album ‘Transitions’ earlier this year, three-piece rock outfit The Fetts have very recently managed to score one of their biggest gigs to date; supporting The Pigeon Detectives at this year’s Rugby Rocks festival. We managed to catch up with the band late last week, in order to discuss Rugby Rocks, hairlines and the raw power of the naked toe….

So, how long have you guys been together?

Ben: We formed in August 2008 in a converted farmhouse rehearsal room in Cheshunt, just off the M25.

Where does your name come from?

Dan: The band name originates from a cult character in a famous sci-fi movie… We can’t really say any more as George Lucas is always watching…

I’m in a hurry. Describe your sound in one sentence…

Ben: An explosive, eclectic mix of catchy, head-nodding Rock tunes utilising elements of many different genres!

You’re supporting The Pigeon Detectives at the Rugby Rocks festival next month. Looking forward to it?

Ben: Absolutely! We’re psyched to share a stage with such seasoned performers and look forward to warming the crowd up before they get blown away.

Is it your first festival?

Rob: We’ve performed at an array of different festivals over the years, individually and as a group – Rugby Rocks is set to be the biggest The Fetts have played to date, so it’s somewhat of a milestone for us!

How do festival dates tend to differ from your own shows?

Rob: Aside from being bigger than the usual indoor venues, festivals tend to draw a certain type of crowd. Everyone really gets into it spirit of it, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the party, so it’s always a bigger deal. For us there’s more energy on stage and a bigger sound. Festival season is the highlight for us from both a music-lover and performer perspective!

What has been your favourite gig so far?

Dan: Good question. We’ll never forget our first ever gig at The Water Rats in March 2009. We managed to squeeze about 120 people into the venue. The crowd were literally stepping on our toes, but it made for a very intimate, energetic gig! The after party wasn’t bad either!

Do you have any unusual pre-show rituals?

Dan: Rob likes to remove his shoes…

Rob: Haha, it’s true! I prefer to play bare foot, it’s liberating and gives my toes a chance to shine!

Ben: We do try to psych each other up before shows, there’s an element of wanting to hit the ground running making sure we start with high energy!

You released your debut album ‘Transitions’ earlier this year. How happy are you with it?

Rob: We are thrilled with the outcome! For a self-funded band it’s a massive achievement to hold a copy of your work in your hands, let alone see it for sale on array of different platforms! I remember the day it arrived from the duplicators. Despite being involved in every step of its production, we were amazed at how good it looked in the flesh!

Ben: The tracks have come out exactly as we wanted. The album aims to take the listener on a journey, it tells a story. There’s lots of light and shade. It was important to change the dynamics to emphasise this point and it’s come out exactly as we wanted!

What has the response been like from the fans?

Dan: The response has been fantastic. We have a loyal fan base that has supported us from the very beginning and we’d like to thank them for investing their time and money in us. Just prior to album launch, we were lucky to reach number 1 in the Pre-Order charts on this very site and we couldn’t have done that without their support!! It’s great that more people are discovering our music and we look forward to growing our fan base even further over the years!!

Are you working on any new material at the moment?

Ben: For us, writing is an ongoing process so we’re always coming up with new ideas in the studio. At this stage, our main focus is on promoting Transitions though! It’s hard not to sneak a new song into our live set, we have to be disciplined and hold on to them for the second album!

You tend to engage with your fans via social media – how important do you think this is?

Rob: Social media is hugely important for us. We like to be quite active talking to and updating our fans. We also run monthly competitions to win everything from albums to games. We hope that by engaging our fans we can build up a community and believe that nurturing and retaining your fan base is as important as growing it!

Dan: We’ve all seen how massive Facebook has become and what it can achieve, the Rage Against The Machine campaign is testament to this! On a smaller scale we like to find innovative ways to engage our fans!

Are you doing anything social-media related for the Rugby Rocks show?

Rob: We’re giving away a pair of VIP tickets, so be sure to keep an eye out on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/thefetts

We’re out for drinks and I’m buying. What’s your poison?

Ben: Becks!

Dan: My favourite drink at the moment is Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer, so if they’re reading this, a few free cases would be very welcome!

Rob: I’m intrigued by alcoholic ginger beer, let’s get a round of them!?

If you weren’t in a band, what would you be doing?

Dan: I don’t think ‘not being in a band’ is an option for any of us. We all come from musical backgrounds – I’m pretty sure we can all tell you the exact moment where we said “Yep! That’s what I want to do with my life!”

Have you ever been star struck? By whom?

Dan: I’ve never been star struck, although I once beat Brian May at Quasar in Wood Green – does that count?
Rob: Living in London gives you a great opportunity to spot celebs, but more often than not I tend to miss them because I’m floating away on my own little cloud…

You bump into a musician at a party who you’ve idolised since childhood, and he or she asks to hear one of your tunes. Which one do you play? Why?

Ben: I think unanimously we’d say ‘Lend a Little Light’. It was one of those songs that just came together… We had all of the pieces of the puzzle and upon playing for the first time, it just fit and it hasn’t been changed since! Individually we’re all doing something really interesting, the outcome is one of our most complete and driving songs!!

Would you all trade your impeccable hairlines for a number one hit in the US?

Rob: Ben’s hair is the source of our power, so we’d have to say no!
Ben: Haha! I don’t think there needs to be a trade off.

You’re only allowed to perform in one country for the rest of your life. Which one is it?

Rob: As tempting as it is to play the beach scene in Barbados for the rest of our lives, I think it would have to be the UK. From the tiny venues, right up to stadium gigs and festivals, the UK has it all and most importantly has the passionate crowds willing to come out on a rainy Thursday evening to support you!

The Fetts are supporting The Pigeon Detectives at this year’s Rugby Rocks festival. For more info on the festival click here. You can also enter our competition to win a pair of VIP tickets by clicking here. If you missed our recent interview with The Pigeon Detectives, that’s here. And for more info on The Fetts, you can check out their official website, or their official Facebook page.

Listen to ‘Not A Machine’ by The Fetts here:


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